Thursday, 23 October 2014


Beautiful Adama Indimi, one of the daughters of the Billionaire Oil Magnate, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, is a true definition of success when you trace her family background but she has also worked hard enough to be a successful entrepreneur..Well, I am not here to audit her wealth or success, rather, I am curious about her love life with Koko Master or should I say Banga Lee..I want to know If she has said yes to him and how soon should the wedding bells ring...Am blabbing much right?

These two entrepreneurs dated, went their ways and reports have it now that these love birds are doing it again and perhaps, this might lead somewhere we never least, It will shut the mouth of everyone who has tagged Dbanj as a player..I can imagine how cute and lovely their children will be; Adama is half Nigerian, Canadian and Swiss..add these to the killer looks of Koko Master....

I believe a lot of people will like to follow this to the end and I do not mean separating them but waiting for the day when Dbanj will be married..and as you wait, please be inspired by this entrepreneur who is rising faster than I can imagine in the business of Agricultural Produce.