Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I really do not know how to describe the sudden diversion of Nigerian Actors into Politics..I did express a positive mind towards Actor turned Director, Desmond Elliot when he decided to join politics by contesting for a legislative seat but when I saw an online report about Jim Iyke romancing politics, eventhough It is reported he is not running for office but appointed as a leader of a Young political party in the diaspora and I say, that is how It starts...I was surprised!...we should not confuse being a famous actor with the ability to govern, rule or lead a group of people..I am sure Desmond Elliot is feeling the absence of meeting up with family dinners at home due to the countless number of meetings with party leaders and close associates.

From Jim Iyke's briefing, I can feel his pain as regards the age grades leading various top positions in Nigeria but Is this not the same Old men that he hangs out with most of the time..but again, he is a citizen of Nigeria and so he has the fundamental right to that effect but these guys must not think majority of Nigerians will gladly pat their back and place them at strategic leadership positions, they need to convince us beyond Takes, Action and Cut...except they are ready to go dirty which might not be a new thing to them.

I hope we will not witness more turn out of actors going into politics after the likes of Tony Tetuila, Desmond Elliot, Kenny St. Brown and Kate Henshaw...Some people are of the opinion that lack of a stable financial return in Nollywood might make some actors take a permanent seat in politics, with the hope that their future is totally sealed with ''Ghana-Must-Go''.