Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Of recent, some colleagues at work daily joke about going into the music industry when we encounter some ridiculous music videos on television but the funny thing is that you might just see this artiste on the street of Lagos driving a G-Wagon and he might even tweet about it by saying Its a gain from his music..and I will ask what music exactly and how much sales really produced a G-Wagon?

I used this image of these selected personalities to represent some of the very few who have toiled the soil over the years to become a star today..The story of Genevieve, Omotola and Dbanj is one that shows some level of hardwork and their "Rome" was not built in a day but there are some others who have the short corner approach to success. My write up is about those celebrities who flaunt an item online at every opportunity.

I am unapologetic about the fact that I have to mention names..and It is definitely not a disguised beef because I actually appreciate some of these guys but the sudden show off can make some restless youths take out very dangerous steps, just to attain that point in life..I was surprised to see Actress, Ini Edo who just had a marriage Tsunami flaunt a newly acquired a 38 Million Naira G-Wagon and a 75 Million Naira Apartment in Lagos which gives us a total of 113 Million the way, this figure is not a guarantee that you would have lots of information about you on Wikipedia...Is this her own way of moving on in life..I laugh!

I really do not have a problem with people of such status acquiring such properties or luxury items...but please, If you truly feel an effect from a marital issue, a quiet time would do for you, rather than throw some properties at us..what exactly are you preaching..? sounds like Aaliyah-If at first you do not succeed, dust yourself up and try again...Seems like this is the life you want all along...

Now, I also stumbled into OritseFemi...Yes, Double Wahala Crooner and am sure some of us would have heard about his acquired property worth 200 Million Naira and 24 Million Naira Range Rover..I am actually not after the profit account of this Artiste because that is a quest I will never get an answer to but flaunting to the public these sudden surprises in such a little time communicates only one thing...How did OritseFemi do it?..and trust me, It never takes long before we have a market full of desperate young men and women...a survival strategy..Our music industry is already flooded with so many one tracker dreams who will do anything to smile to the bank and buy every posh apartment at Lekki at all cost...

As for Nollywood, It is assumed It is an opportunity to make money, sleep around and get famous from the bed to the screen..The life of being divorced, separated or singled is celebrated with so much pride..and to an extent, I do not think those still married flaunt around like that but again that is not my goal..I am concerned about the kind of generation we are raising by flooding all social mediums with our newly acquired properties and obviously, some bloggers sees to enjoy and pride in such euphoria of being the first to post a newly acquired vehicle..How about working hard to buy yours!

These celebrities are not the only ones behind this drama..the list is endless..They will never organise a forum to teach the youths how to catch a good fish but they come online to flaunt..Yes, It is good to flaunt success but one that will inspire a generation to work hard and not fuel a desperate quest to achieve success at all cost...By the way, I wonder If we have Investigative Entertainment Journalist who can always do an insight into the career of these Music and Movie Acts, which helps incoming acts to properly decide if that is their way in life...because sometimes the magnitude at which they get hyped by bribed Journalist, OAPs and bloggers is quite outrageous.

Some of them have been fortunate after one courtesy visit to the President or their State Governor under the guise of Actors or Music Guild of Nigeria..Success does not come overnight and so let us humble ourselves and let society celebrate our success...stop making some average Nollywood earners look like they are lazy...Flaunt your Social Responsiblities and not your Sport Utility Vehicles!