Thursday, 16 October 2014


There are many lifestyles in Lagos that should be completely discarded by everyone but It has slowly eaten deep into our bloodstreams and we cannot do without them...Throwing of wastes on the road while in motion, urinating by the road side and certainly blaring the horn like some Don Jazzy kinda thing..Lagos State government should be applauded by creating this initiative and I must say It was gladly welcomed by majority but what effect did it have on us and If It will bring that desired change?.I say never!

I woke that morning in anticipation of what the road would be like and I must say that It was well observed around my area till I got to my place of work..and I am not saying all road users actually complied but majority respected that day...There was peace going to work and I felt a serene atmosphere on the road.

Now that the celebration is over, Lagosians have resumed their lifestyle, their culture, their identity...the spirit of driving an exotic SUV and telling the next road user to clear or drive smart. Can we really do without the horn?..I say again No but the campaign should continue as I believe that certain road users would gradually key into having a sane trip around the metropolis.

If we look at it from another angle, some road users need to blare the horn at a very high frequency because so many people are walking in body and not in spirit..we are thinking about children, marriage, work, money, food, Landlord matters, salary and all, they need the horn to reawaken them from their mind trip...and not forgetting those feeling like Beats by Doctor Dre..If you get what I mean.

There are so many free day initiatives that we need, not just in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole..We need a No cell phone day, No waste day and so on but above all, I hope we can truly adapt this programme because It will go a long way in boosting our life better...