Monday, 27 October 2014


Even as we look forward to the release of Chairman by Nigerian Rap Sensation, Jude Abaga also known as Mr Incredible(M.I), Reports have it according to OMG that some copies have been pre ordered..It stated that 30,000 were sold in 30 minutes and am just curious; who exactly bought this album or is it a case of a promotional purchase which usually might be in the exchange for a large sum of money...?

I need someone to enlighten me better about how record labels operate in this part of the world because I think that such sales can be done by an artiste who is not under any label and eager to push the song or album out to the market..As for M.I, I do know he his under Chocolate City and if his album is pre ordered, How is the profit shared between M.I and the management...

The 16-Track album was made available for pre order on the 24th of October and corporate clients have already launched the purchase...How much were they sold out and who exactly bought them? I wish him the best as the album will be released on the 30th of this month.