Saturday, 29 November 2014


We are at that moment of general elections in Nigeria where every PR.tool has to be used to ensure President Goodluck Jonathan gets his vet back to the Presidential Villa without an hitch..and if gathering with the ''creative people'' will make that come to help them...Well, the event has been held but what are the lessons? I actually wished I was privileged to be at such a gathering so as to get a clue or objective about the essence of such a gathering...

In this picture above which I lifted from, We can clearly see some of the creative people..Actress turned Politician, Kate Henshaw decided to put her fashion intents in line with the dress sense of our dear President..That was just a direct way of asking the president to endorse her political dream and you did not waist time with Mai Atafo deciding to dress you up ''Jonathanly...''

I do not know what the attendance was like but I did see pictures of notable celebrities like Weird Mc, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Ini Edo, Toyin Johnson, Waje, Omawunmi, Lara George, King Sunny Ade, Sunny Neji, Shan George, Fathia Balogun, Osita Iheme and so much more...All these people are quite doing well in their respective fields and I must commend their creative talent which they worked on over the years but why would they gather with the President at this time..? You know right...the writings are obviously all over the wall that a 3 year old can smell the coffee... by the way, I read a post online stating if the President did attend the event? and It just dawned on me that I did not see any pictures taken with him...

Back to the matter...these guys have always been on a selfish mission, to accomplish and secure a future for themselves at the expense of the nation...? I feel for this nation..I feel for the fishes in the waters of Naija..I feel for our "Oilnomy", economy and every ''nomy'' you can think of..It is being drained everyday by some beings who do not have an idea of how this country was birthed...shall we lay back therefore and watch some talented people move ahead of us..I believe No..but the average man out there also loves to meet his President..He wants to shake hands with him..He wants to have a voice...but these people whom we pay our sweats on just to dance to their music, laugh at their jokes and mimic their acts, wont give us a chance..What defines our unity and progress then...? I ask What..?

Our celebrity clad themselves in designer clothings and make our leaders feel all is well..Sometimes I wonder what is being discussed at such a dinner or do they just laugh away their ignorance..wait a minute..they actually do have their intention..Its all about the national cake even for them too..I guess that is why the ''creative industry'' is highly over rated...If your wish is to see President Jonathan return again..simply organize your own rally and convince the nation..tell us why and let Nigerians decide that..Gathering up yourselves under the guise of a ''creative industry business'' party is not working for me and am sure it is working for some people too.

I have no information on who initiated the gathering with or without Mr President but we all should know that your intentions are like seeds..they will germinate one day and the fruits they bear thereof..will be open to the entire nation..2015 is just around the corner and I wish this nation well but is that the desire of our dear ''creative people''...?