Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Let me start by saying that this is the most creative recipe Ayo Makun(AY) has served on the entertainment dish of Nigeria and I am not trying to belittle his talent but when you view this movie...You will certainly know what am talking about...The fact that a colleague of mine who is #Anti-Nigerian Movies sat all through this movie and had a fun filled day of laughter..Then, I salute AY, Ramsey Nouah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Desmond Elliot, Racheal Oniga, Vivica Fox and Lynn Whitfield for their great delivery and thanks to Ada Ameh for her special Warri Prayer...

Some of us actually thought It was one of those lay about movies filled with stars and would be a display of how posh their lives are under the guise of movie script...I was totally wrong..I was laughing from the beginning to the end of this movie and I mean really laughing..the entire cinema hall was under the spell of Akpors...#WeAreRehab #Warri

It was quite a lengthy one but we patiently followed the story to the end..one that actually ended well..I really liked the complete fusion of the pidgin language, even when they got to the States, the pidgin was still promoted..I loved the elements of communication using Skype..I loved the twisted love triangle and the character interpretation of every cast in this movie..This is a five star movie because every element of drama was fused to bring out a great movie..Thumbs up to Robert Peters for a good directing...

Is there really any flaws..? I do not think so but some scenes were quite long but no harm at all..It was worth it all the way..It was witty, funny, Intelligently Insane and crazy.

I can start writing from now till....I am advising everyone to take some time off their busy schedules and worry less about your deadlines..take that joyful step and head to the Cinema and laugh away all your problems..you might have to go with a Laugh Tank as well...You never can tell the temperature at which you or your neighbour might be laughing...AY is a true son of Warri in Delta State and I must say the movie is a worthy ambassador of that State..Actually, Its proudly Nigerian.