Saturday, 29 November 2014


You do know that inspiration comes in various forms..You can be inspired in the bathroom, kitchen, garden or even during sex...Yes, that is the truth about it but I got this inspiration in the middle of a conversation with a friend, In fact, He is the ''devil'' literary...You might be wondering what this header means..? I am not here to play the devil's advocate even though I know the devil wears Prada but he also can be very open to you about life and Its funny how we see some pitfalls...and yet, we dive strait into it...

I had to find out some things that would interpret my header and I would like to refer to the devil as either an act or a factor...Let me bring out some situations...To the ladies, there might be a guy whom you find attractive sexually but you do not know how to open up to him yet you guys fight a lot..He may seem like the devil at these moments but he might just be the perfect man for you.

There is a quote by Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, a German Philosopher, in his book, The Essence of Christianity...he says ''I would rather be a devil in alliance with truth, than an angel in alliance with falsehood'' Is this really like saying the devil you know is better that the angel you do not know because that angel might just wake up to be that devil and I think we all have a devil in us somewhere..that devil that wants to explore life so fast...

This is not a sermon on the Mount but I did tell my friend that I will turn the mentioned phrase or act of sarcasm into a Write up...Sometimes, people reveal an act that make them seem evil but It could just be the motivating factor in knowing how to relate well with people in life..People could also reveal the person in us by their own act..You never can tell what lies inside your soul until you have been pushed extremely to the wall in life..Now, Should we all blame it on the ''devil''..?

When we are in the process of committing an act, We do not recognize the devil then but after,...we confront him with a calm and innocent approach so as to get pity from your fellow man..When you pull a trigger, what do you expect?..When you stab with a knife, what do you expect?...When you forcefully have sex with a young girl who is yet to become a woman, what do you expect?...He has actually seen the end of your thought process in committing a terrible act but what makes you give way..? It is not the devil but the lack of control over that act itself.

Now my truth as the devil; Why rape when you can visit a brothel and pay a very matured woman for as many rounds you want to go for...Why steal money at the office when you can beg for it with pride...Why go for abortion when you can dump the child at the gate of a very rich man or woman...This piece is not the standard for living your life..Its just something worth thinking about.

As we meet people in our lives..Let us try and open up to them about our principles and ideals..It may push them away for a while but they will always strike a balance in your person because we all have a similar character somewhere inside us..I really want to thank my friend for this inspiration and we should not also forget that the truth hurts but again, Don't you think its good because that is when you can know those who deserve to be by your side as you journey through life...? Think about it.