Saturday, 29 November 2014


We all love some level of attention in our lives; at the office, family, streets and not forgetting the celebrity world where everything can make you news worthy...and Nigerian Singer, Seyi Shay is definitely trying to be on the radar these days. I do not know what the intentions are but dressing this way to a music award ceremony is not working for me and you had to pose this way for the camera...Recently, there was a gist around that she had employed the services of a stylist who had worked with several international acts...Is this the stylist in operation or just a ''Seyi Shay in Action''.

Honestly, she could have done better...I know we all want to be talked in the the ''Kardashian'' Nigerian story but how long can you hold on to this and what effect will it have on your musical career because It wont take long before you begin to sing the ''non-sense''...I do enjoy your music but do I really want to enjoy a glimpse of your underwear while strolling down at an international ceremony like the Channel O Music Awards..Please, these guys should grow up.

Yes, It is daring...but next time, Please drop your long leather coat and be more daring because this is just you trying to be daring but I guess your guts are not complete...If you think this is being fashionable, Its time to pay that shrink a second visit!