Sunday, 16 November 2014


Nigerian Music Act, Seyi Shay is no doubt a fantastic singer and her music videos are quite creative but as for her styling..It really needs a quick fix..I am not a professional stylist but I have taken a look at most of her A-list red carpet appearances and I must say It needs a touch and If getting a new stylist is worth it, then society should let her be..Now, my angle is..Is this a boyfriending appearance or what?..Is this really the best way to introduce your stylist, whom by the way has no name...?

I am surprised she's going that far to get a stylist..Is there no reputable stylist to talk to in Naija? She claims this man is behind the likes of Chris Brown, Neyo, Usher Swiss Beatz, Trey Songz and Wu Tang..Obviously, she's trending towards the boyish-urban look and that should appeal to her video but how about the appearance at events?

A lot of tongues are wagging already since she posted this image on her Instagram page..So many comments about her entire package; Now that she has brought us the many people will be looking out for the outcome...I think you should have been silent about this news and let us observe naturally as you trend in a new you but have you really taken a look at Mocheddah or Beverly Naya, I think you might some clues from them..

By the way, your styling should interpret your music craft..Check out Nneka-Her style evolves around her person and music or Asa..these people dress their path and what makes them comfortable..You do not have to look the International market because It might not project you in that perspective..Above all, Get a publicist and let them do your public announcement for you as regards your new employee, you do not need to take a PR. Photo with him..If truly he is one?