Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I love Nigeria with all my strength..I listen to to Its rhythmic sounds everyday..There are various dance steps that emanate every year and we as a people are so crazy about our creative artistes but I get upset when some songs are remixed because some meals have just been made awesome, No one needs an extra flavour and a typical example is what Oritsefemi did to Double Wahala with Dbanj. I am not saying Dbanj cannot deliver, even though he is not the most preferred option to remix a song because I was disappointed at the output of Kukere remix...I guess his irresistible presence and swag is quite a plus to any music video...

I believe some Nigerian acts dwell on the huge success of a song and therefore feel a remix will add more financial gain to their pocket but alas, It does not work that all the time..A most surprising one is laid back Nfana Ibaga, which some of us would have forgotten by Tubaba..and yet again, remixed with Dbanj..Now, I have lots of concerned questions for Mr. Innocent Idibia- What inspired the remix, Why on earth should it just be remixed now, Is he broke and he is trying to seek a technical career approach to cover up some financial tracks...?
Tubaba should not give us a clue that he has fallen short of ideas and so going back to his oldies is a better option, as Nigerians will always love it but I am a great fan and I do believe that all his songs are just perfect the way they are...These are just few of the artistes who do remix their songs and yet when asked the inspiration behind it, they have no cogent response but I do know Its more about the money and not the inspiration.