Monday, 3 November 2014


I do not understand why we always shoot ourselves in the leg with our interpretation of scripts when producing movies in Nigeria..Tonto Dikeh is certainly not on the list of my favourite actors but taking up a role as this should challenge her career as an actor and I say congrats to her but the clause here is disturbing. I do not know of any true believer who has a tattoo on her body..or is the producer trying to tell us that she was a convert according to a script.

Do our producers in Nigeria know that some of the ones we get to see in Hollywood films are not actual tattoos and one of the reason is because a permanent tattoo will downplay the genuine interpretation of a role for another film, more so, some of these Hollywood stars are ambassadors to  some agencies with the United Nations.

Tonto Dikeh is actually not the only guilty one here, as you can get to see lots of it amongst the Yoruba Actors in Nollywood especially the ladies who also double as mothers..It is very awkward when I get to see some of these women expose their tattoos at every opportunity in the movie they featured in. My issue is not with the tattoo but as an actor, I believe your tattoo should be very hidden because you never can tell when a high profile role would come your way and that tattoo might just be your obstacle to a million dollar role.