Friday, 7 November 2014


Aside the controversies at the Square Towers as regards the speculations of a likely separation of Psquare, Peter Okoye seems highly responsible with the social media use..I am not excluding him from those that flaunt but he seems more like a good family man from these pictures I see, except he is trying to use his children as a PR strategy of ''Yes, I am very responsible as a father''. This is Peter Okoye with his son, Cameron and little daughter, whom by the way looks so much like her mum.
If this is truly the work of a Publicist, then I totally support it because It gives a good impression that family is workable, family is fun, family is lovely..This is a better way of Nigerians respecting you than those who have decided to flaunt guns in our faces..what message is that actually and not forgetting those who use beefs to create attention for themselves by dry cleaning their dirty laundries on the social media.

We all leave in a world where hate and love is the order of the day but we should not extend it to the social media because It raises more curiosity about the sanity of such an individual..You do know some Nigerians do not know how to control their hands and thoughts when on a social media..So lets be inspiring with the use just like Peter Okoye...and if you actually beef such acts...You are on a long thing...!
By all defintions, I am not a crazy fan of Psquare but I totally respect Peter Okoye and his family values..It is obvious he spends a lot of time with his family amidst the various crazy schedules.