Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Lagos is the centre for and of excellence but there are some behavioural  attributes of some Lagosians that gives it another centre of confusion and trouble. Majority of the BRT Ticketers should not have been employed..I will simply put the blame on the authorized personnel who is in charge of recruiting these people..some of whom must have cried out to God for a job and after getting the job, they become a crisis in the state.

There are several experiences I encounter and am sure the same applies to some commuters of the BRT Service..These guys lack respect, manners, intelligence and customer relations. You have situations where they shout on you like kids, I do know some commuters can be difficult but they should be calm in their approach.

These guys are fond of stylishly extorting money from passengers by holding back every balance from the purchase of tickets..Some of them have received the beating of their life in time past and that brings me to their employees or should we agree that they are all birds of a feather?

Majority of the ticketers should be tested at the psychiatric ward before being employed because they do act like mad people sometimes especially the female ones..I really do not know how the employment process goes but the HR. should be held responsible for this menace that rocks our Lagos everyday. Another terrible routine I observed is how the tickets are being sold sometimes; When you approach the sales point at their terminal, you might see four sales agent but you will observe that It is just one of them that is selling, and when you ask might be lucky enough to get a response or they shout back at you...

I am not saying the system does not have some good ones but majority do have some excesses that is so out of place and needs to be checked...commuters are not animals; they are beings just like them and do deserve some respect.