Sunday, 30 November 2014


Just about a year and some months old, NorthWest, also known as ''Nori Nori'' is gradually becoming a Fashionista just like her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, commonly known as ''Kimye''. I actually do not expect less when it comes to dressing baby NorthWest because both parents are top notch fashion designers who live, eat and drink fashion but am not sure If these styles are quite appropriate for a baby like this..Why not dress her according to her age...?

I do not want to spill the comments I read on a blog as regards this Ostrich feather cape or is it fur...and black leggings worn for NorthWest..She did carry it well with all glam but again this looks quite much for this baby and am wondering what personae is being carved out from her at this tender age..We might just be shocked with a reality show specially for the life of NorthWest. I do not know why this little angel has to be dragged along into the schedule of Kim everyday...She is really growing up faster than her age.
I do hope her meals and drinks are very much different from the grown ups at these ceremonies she attends with her famous parents..and this is the actual time grand mummy Kris Jenner should bond with NorthWest and not cruising around with boyfriend because she has achieved everything; children, money, fame, success..what more?..back to the matter..Would you really love to style your baby this way...? She is fast becoming the most famous celebrity child in this world and we all know she has Blue Ivy to compete with...I guess Beyonce is just taking her time and might just shock us with a powerful style for her baby..I once read a comment saying Its a good thing NorthWest is allowed to walk as to Blue Ivy being carried about...
By the way, What happened to bright baby colours..It seems black is the order of the day for NorthWest's Wardrobe...what happened to light sandals and all other cute baby outfits..Well, she is not my child but we will certainly love to know how she will be dressed when she becomes a teenager..and do you know she actually gave a thumbs up to the camera when she was headed to the spa with her mum..I guess she is being groomed for that also.

Photo Credit- Ostrich feather cape pix sourced from