Tuesday, 16 December 2014


He is 71 years old and a retired Military Officer but he wants to rule this nation again..Some have questioned his return but it seems a larger percentage of Nigerians would gladly cast their votes for him and he can then help restore sanity to the process of governance in Nigeria...Yes, I am also amongst the general populace that want change so badly and my change is not based on religion, party or tribe but a long term process of change that my unborn children can benefit from.

We question the return of Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari but how many of us are truly ready to stand up for this nation..Is he truly the man that will bring that change?...I do not know but I believe an opportunity should be given because he has been in the system before and we all know or hear stories about his leadership qualities..Infact, that discipline is what my Nigerians need..We are very lawless and our state of mind drinks and eat corruption at the expense of our close neighbours.

I do not want to dwell about the state of corruption in this nation because they are issues that every social medium or the traditional media has dwelt on and we can never stop talking about it until the culprits across the federation are brought to book...but my heart yearns for change and everywhere I go, the name Buhari is on the lips of everyone. Do you know why everyone keeps talking about Buhari?....It is change..I ask..Are we not tired..? How long shall we continue to live this way?...Will a cup of rice given to you during a campaign serve you for a week?...Why not use your vote wisely so as to have the benefit of buying as many cups of rice with your income that can serve you very well for a month...Am talking about rebalancing our economy which has been controlled by a few powerful people.

Buhari has been on the verge of this change since 2003 and I believe we have reached a matured stage at which most Nigerians feel the need to keep the spirit of this nation together by voting for change in 2015..Now, the social media is busy everyday with various write ups emerging in relation to establishing a good PR for Buhari..Some have also asked If he is still the same man that ruled back then and saying He might have an hidden agenda, some of which has been related to him making the nation a full Islamic country..These are speculations and everyone is entitled to their opinion but I believe we should look on the brighter side of what this nation needs right now.

This is not a case of saying ''May the best man win''..It is a case of turning the table around for once and lets see how the country can be governed from another point of view or perspective amidst flushing out the corrupt system..Our democratic system is in a critical stage and Its level of maturity will be confirmed on the outcome of the coming elections..If a change is truly allowed and things take shape, then, we are truly growing democraticly...I respect the power of Incumbency but again the peoples choice also matters..Vote Wisely If you have the future of your children in mind...