Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I was checking out the contestants of the recently concluded edition of Tyra Banks's Americas Next Top Model when this beautiful woman caught my attention.Chantelle Young, A 19 year old from Toronto who was part of the top models..I am not here with a pity-party story about her but I was touched that even with her condition, she is fascinating as a model and that song just came to my head right there..''I know I can..be what I want to be..'' There was some level of uproar when she was evicted but she took it in good faith..
Now, I do not know what your deformities are as a male or female..or I do know we sometimes feel uneasy coming out with our vulnerabilities but how long would we sit back and watch our dreams fizzle away like a wind..You are beautiful just the way you are and do not let anyone make you feel less, rather, look for ways to turn that circumstance into a positive energy..I know It might not be easy in some countries with a lot of socio-economic dramas but take a deep breath for a minute...charge yourself up and say I can..you were created for something..Find it today!
Chantelle has broken that barrier and placed herself at a very strategic position where brands who are unique and outstanding would want to relate their goods and services with that of Chantelle...and that means, customers would want to identify with such a family...Already, she has been offered to be the face of a Spanish brand, Desigual's fall campaign and am sure there are more offers waiting for her..What are you waiting for..?
Chantelle (real names-Winnie Harlow) has actually thought about suicide and I know there are several thought-process like that around the world but stories like this should appeal to our dear heart and give us that boldness and courage to pursue our dreams...As the new year approaches, prepare yourself to rule the world through your talent..make yourself present and have a voice despite any physical challenge.