Wednesday, 10 December 2014


It is very easy to take a swipe at me by wondering what my topic means considering being a single man who does not have an idea about the life of a married man but this question emanated from a chat I had with a close female friend and she asked me If I can be an helping hand in the kitchen for my wife and I paused for a while before giving an answer but I had to analyse the question to the best of my ability..

To be an helping hand takes a lot of thought process, perhaps they should include it in one of the vows so that every woman can be assured that their man would always be there or can we have a situation whereby women take their men to court for not assisting in the kitchen..? What would make a man stay away from the kitchen?..If you are the lazy type who stays away from the kitchen as a bachelor, your woman or women should not expect you to be a ''Superman'' in the kitchen after marriage.

What would make a man stay away from kitchen?..I would like to respect those men who have decided to keep their wives at home while they do all the working..I do not expect them to retire to the kitchen after the days work and pound some slices of yam and at the same time, I do not expect a man who is usually home before his wife to lay back and chill for the wifey to get home and perform a miracle in the kitchen..thumbs up to all the women who still make it to the kitchen planet after an hectic day at work and on the road.

I really have not given a reason why a man would stay away from the kitchen...and that is because we all differ and our reasons would differ too but above all, I do know that some men cannot cook and that could be a reason why they stay away from the kitchen..Lets face it, It is a good thing helping out in the kitchen but If you were not helping out while in a relationship or dating, It might be a little hard for you to establish that new part of you in a marriage where a lot of courses are being taken..Remember It is an institution.

For everyone who is a regular help in the kitchen, I say thumbs up to you and am sure the women will respect such a man especially If he is totally committed to caring for his family and I do not expect should be taken for granted. I know some of you might go all about saying this is Africa and the man provides the daily bread while the woman is the home maker but please wake up because Its 21st century and love operates in mysterious ways such as a man carrying the hand bag of his pregnant wife.

I am not here to create a lifestyle for you but helping out can be a part of romance; you slice the plantain while she fries; she boils the yam while you pound; you can both clean the dishes and all that..As for me, I can be an helping hand only when I return home at a good time but can always make myself available during weekends when there are no engagements...but when the children starts coming in, there must be some adjustments to such operations. Perhaps you are wondering what to do to your failing marriage, why not try helping her out in the kitchen...just an opinion.

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