Thursday, 4 December 2014


It is always a feeling of joy and happiness whenever a new baby is born into a family..that moment when the woman gives a final push leading to the cry of the baby that literally proves that the child is alive..I believe every mother cannot forget such an experience but after the child has come of many factors begin to shape his thoughts and relationship with people...I had almost a 2-Hour conversation with a friend about my country Nigeria and I must say this was absolutely different from any random gist I must have had in the past.

When I say there are some factors that shape how we think..It was very obvious my friend desires the best for his country..I know a lot of us think that way too but there are some of us who would prefer to dance along with the condition, Do you think that is your purpose?...Why do you think you were born in the first place...?

I would love to break down this piece to Nigerians because that was the centre of my conversation..I have not travelled outside my country before but I do believe life cannot be as bad as it is for some Nigerians here..It is very obvious we have a problem of leadership and we dance to one tune every four years..What is your purpose in the coming election? Is it to rig, steal ballot boxes, destroying the chances of the rightful candidates or Is it to collect a plate of hot jollof rice and a piece of meat..What exactly is your purpose...? You might think it does not matter but if you do not clarify your purpose with your conscience, You are in for another messy four years.

Of what purpose is my gift of writing, If I cannot inspire my generation about being a true ambassador of Nigeria..Of what use is my blog, If I only update Nigerians about how Omotola kissed her husband in traffic..When I can drive a traffic about bringing a change to leadership via choosing the right candidates...These were some of the lessons from my conversation with a friend..I was scolded psychologically and I felt bad about the situation of my country.

Some of us go to bed on an empty stomach...Some of us have to wash our shirt and trousers at night, so as to make it ready in the morning..Some of us have to walk a distance just to save some cash for the day...Some of us live online just to make ourselves happy because the real life is quite frustrating..Should we say thumbs up to every Nigerian who has an habit of dropping a great biblical quote everyday...Are we not tired of the mess..Who says you cannot eat a complete three-square meal..? Who says you do not have the power to elect who you want...Do we want to eat dance the same beat for another four years...?

I can talk for forever and It might bore some of you because you might have given up on this nation but we do not know how much God loves us...We have a very large community online..I will not be surprised If a survey proves Nigerians as the largest social media users across the world because we eat, drink and sleep the social media...Then, we should simply divert that energy into propagating for change at this elections by choosing the right individual..forget party and vote for personality..Let us secure the future of our children and the ones yet unborn.

When you see an American, You think of Hollywood...When you see a Japanese or Chinese, You think of Technology..When you see a Nigerian..You actually get confused but that has to stop..think about your purpose as a Nigerian..I am as guilty as everyone out there!