Friday, 4 December 2015


Every child deserves to be great in life especially when they are inspired by great people around them and others have found greatness in their quest of finding themselves...Izuchukwu Charles Anoliefo is one of those young Nigerians who has identified with greatness in the business of showbiz and it gets more interesting because he is a graduate of Computer Science with an ongoing career in the banking world. As a young boy from the Eastern part of Nigeria, He grew up being inspired by a father who is a businessman and that was a plus to his strength just like his words ''There is a drive in me to be heard and seen for positive things''.

I had an interesting chat with Izuchukwu who recently returned from Surabaya, Indonesia where he represented Nigeria for 2 weeks at the Mr Universal Ambassador and finished 2nd runner up. He won best world speech competition with a thrilling human right speech on racism and was also top 5 in talent competition. All these achievements can have their trace back to Nigeria when he competed amongst the best men in the country for the title of Mr.Nigeria 2014 where he learnt more about confidence, intelligence, good looks, facing the camera, stage presence and lots more...and on reaching Indonesia, he was not scared of being himself..He says ''I knew I was special and have a chance of winning like everyone else''...The rest like they say is history....
Being a runner up, Izuchukwu is embarking on a pet project which is a usual agenda among top pageant winners around the world, He calls his project-Food and Fitness Foundation which is meant to reach out to the masses in need of food and give fitness advise to promote healthy living, and how more can we be influenced by eating and living well from a man who looks very much like his foundation and who also won the neatest boy in his primary school...investors and philanthropists across the globe would certainly find his project worthy of interest.

This native of Abatete in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State in Nigeria is 6 ft. 2 inches tall and he is the last child in a family of seven children. Izuchukwu is always smiling even though he has a reserved nature but he is also down to earth, hardworking, honest and passionate about his dreams which is very evident in this pursuit for greatness.
For Izuchukwu, a million dollars cannot purchase the fun he had while in Indonesia as he described it as memorable; he had the opportunity of visiting the various tourist attractions, having a good feel of the hospitable nature of the citizens as they made them feel at home like princes and seeing a volcano for the first time at Mount Bromo was a special moment for him. It may interest you that Izuchukwu had a first shot at pageantry in 2011 when he competed for the title of Mr Ideal Nigeria where he emerged second with the title of Mr. Ideal Tourism and he admitted that having the full support of your family in what you do is very important and so for him, family is everything because that is what has kept him going.

It is very easy to conclude that most competitors in pageant shows usually have a foundation in modelling or take up such a career after the experience of the show...Izuchukwu describes his growth in modelling like a child growing into a real man, he emphasized that  for every stage in life, there is a job for you as a model and so, he has tasted the various sides of modelling; from prints, catalogs, billboards, fashion shows to commercials. He added that it is a continuous hustle in the industry as you have to keep improving on your craft and hoping for more jobs as you grow...

Izuchukwu revealed a spirited side while interacting with him as he enjoins people to take it on celebrities because they are human. He admits the God factor in every endeavor ventured into even though some people see the showbiz as a less serious line of career. He added that while in Indonesia, Nigeria was never predicted to be in the top 10 but he was glad at the end of the day being a runner up. He was more investors in the country to come out and support talented young people as they need to be encouraged.

I could not end the interaction without getting a last word which is related to his legacies and I was not surprised when he still emphasized on his drive towards good living for all, staying fit and looking great...Though Izuchukwu is back to his regular job as a banker, the world is certainly on the look out at the accomplishments ahead of him because of the dedication and hard work that is being put into actualizing the projects before him.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


It is no longer news that the presidency has commenced a full investigation into the last administration with the misappropriation of funds being a top priority...a situation that is currently affecting a lot of people in the country but can all these money be recovered? Anyway, a sector that might also face the music of alleged corruption is Nollywood or should I say the entertainment industry.

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan, had an extreme romance with the industry as various factions visited the presidential villa on several occasions all in a bid to support the re-election. The former president also held various dinner balls where financial commitments were proposed towards the development of the industry and I ask, what is the level of impact upon the industry so far...?

I love the industry because it is a form of job creation but it is a shame when a few power weight use their status to eat up the country where poverty strives like the love for football...perhaps they should start confessing before the law catches up with them. Some of us have an idea of the various celebs who visited Abuja like it's a gents or ladies and might be people you look up to in if you know anyone or perhaps you are closer to any and you also spent out of our money, be prepared to share some terms together...

Some people are advocating that President Buhari should just move on with his governance but how about proper accountability from the previous administration;we need to track back and check our errors before moving on and that includes the entertainment industry...

For those producers who have lost it when it comes to film, please stand by because you might just make a great thriller out of the lives of your colleagues when they get to face the dance of justice...I am hoping that all these money will be recovered but am sure quite a number have squandered it on posh trips, clothing, birthdays and more...we are watching and waiting.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Curvaceous, sexy and talented On Air personality, Tolu Oniri who is famously known as Toolz is set to walk down the aisle with her beau, Captain Tunde Demuren who is a co-owner of EME Records...Tolu was spotted in New York alongside close friends where she was trying out a wedding gown. For those of you nursing an ambition to own Toolz, there's someone now piloting her heart and tieing the knot before the end of the year.

Tunde proposed to Tolu during a trip to Dominican Republic in May 2015 and of course,she said yes and that is why she is shopping right.?..since they are yet to announce a date, I do hope it's not taking place secretly away from the prying eye of the press and unwanted guests...My imaginations are actually running wild as to how hot she will look in a wedding gown but congrats to her and will she keep her name or fully become Demuren?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The showbiz industry in Nigeria has continued to produce new brands into various areas such as television, drama, music, fashion and in fact, some have actually combined all into one trade based on certain privileges they are enjoying either as discoveries or winners of a talent show. Big Brother Africa star, Tayo Faniran is one of those people currently capitalizing on his time at the highly watched reality show as he has been casted as a part time cover for newly wed Gbenro Ajibade who is on a post-marriage vacation widely known as honeymoon.

Tinsel is a highly rated and award winning television series and is noted for great talents who know their skills very well as an actor but I do have my reservations about Tayo's choice...was it based on his status as a celebrity, does he have a track record of acting or somehow, it is assumed he is a better looking version of Soji as played by Gbenro...?

He is an accomplished model, a fashion designer and creative artiste but I still have my reservations when he presents on African Magic...Tayo is fair as a presenter but can he do better as an actor? Will he live up to expectation and shock his critics even though it will only be to his advantage as more producers will keep their eyes on him and then the deception continues when producers call for audition but actually have their choices...the likes of Tayo will not stay up in queue for long trust me...

If I think along with the Tinsel team, Tayo actually has similar mannerisms like Soji and am sure he was picked based on that and not necessarily his acting prowess...Meanwhile, Gbenro and his wife Osas actually met on the set of Tinsel before deciding to do a for better for worse thingy and Gbenro might just decide to move to other things after the honeymoon because marriage can change a lot of things.

TINSEL is actually more than a drama as it is also a haven for finding true love because most of the actors spend longer hours together...


Success has lots of friends and foes but against all that, some matured people just take it as another stepping stone. EMPIRE is one television series that has stolen the hearts of many including me and though some people have argued that there's nothing extraordinary about the story...they might be right but when it comes to right casting and balanced dialogue, EMPIRE hits it hard for me. This is actually not about the huge success and popularity of this series but the various lawsuits that have been emerging from all corners against the producers and the television network in charge of production.

The present lawsuit is by Jon Astor-White, owner of a Las Vegas based media outfit who claims that his 2007 idea is what is being enjoyed by millions of people across the world and I asked myself, why did you wait till now before you had to cry out...the power of success can be a hard pill for some people to swallow. Anyway, If he gets through successfully, we are looking at his account getting an additional $500 million alongside damages that must also be paid.

Jon claims to have titled his idea as King Solomon in 2007 and passed on a network and feels it must have leaked from there...I hope my EMPIRE would survive all of these because there has been three other suits before now...a certain record label named empire distribution wanted producers of the show to drop the name but that was overcomes, another $1billion suit was filed against the producers and not forgetting a $300 million suit filed by Sophia Eggleston who claimed that the Cookie identity and story was mirrored after her life events.

Meanwhile, all lovers of Empire should please prepare to get thrilled and entertained as the second season will begin next month but as for the lawsuits, am sure it's just a phase and will surely fade away.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


The lyrics in my head this morning after I had my morning prayer was the quest for change...that change to keep doing what I actually love doing because some people believe in what I do and so I thought about my country....are we about to destroy this country or what? We asked for change but yet will not let this government work. I do not care if this present administration wants to use its four years to probe because sometimes you need to trace back your steps to rebuild and look around the world for a minute and tell me if Nigeria does not need that...?

Yes I do understand the feeling of having a complete uninterrupted three square meal, free education, free transportation perhaps and incomes of 8 figures...they do not come easy? If we never wanted to be in this mess, we should have seen the future instead of running from pillar to post now and that means tracking back to 1960 but am sure there's no need crying over a split milk.

Ironically, the voice of change has filled up the legislative houses and has that even brought the needed change...? Well, like my Yoruba people will say "the weep being used to beat the elder wife is the same that will be used for the wife..." when the law takes its true place as being requested by some people, do not forget that it will come back hunting you too...Am sure some readers know what I mean...let us just hope, watch and pray that they get things right probing or no probing.

For those of us who see and believe in a better Nigeria, do not give up on that...For those who want to give President Buhari blood pressure, it is well with you...I believe Nigeria is working and will work, corruption or no have done your part to vote but do not become completely manipulative just because it is called a democratic system, remember, there's a due process and wait a minute...we must be fools thinking change will happen overnight...Am done!


A woman is a phenomenal being that can bring about a positive development to a family and society. She is a strong pillar and I respect a woman, more so, when you think about the saying; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but one thing that can kill both man and woman is attitude.

Some people say I do have an attitude but I do not agree even though it might just be an opinion. I boarded a commercial bus today and a dark young lady with no ear rings sat directly beside me...and as we journeyed, she asked me if I have a hundred naira to balance a fair of two hundred naira; we were heading to Oshodi and I said no...well, I actually had just a two hundred naira on me aside a 1000 naira, she asked two other guys until a man beside me offered to help...I can't even remember if she said thank you...anyway, what led me to write about this was when she started a "style me" show in the bus, first she fixed her ear rings and then started to use her two hands to brush her hair backwards...

She continued until the man behind her had to tap her to take it easy with what she was doing but to my greatest surprise, she called his bluf and told him never to touch her again...Like seriously, you need to see the look of this diva or is it her appearance...the man was about to hit her but she never cared...I was glad I didn't help her with the 100 box because I will be very might not be an attitude but truth is a lot of us in Nigeria need to constantly visit a shrink who will help us through a lot of drama in our lives.

Friday, 3 July 2015


My love for photography can be equated for how I feel about a good meal...This is one career I find quite interesting because of the way moods are interpreted by one face via a simple flash of light and Photography can be practiced anywhere...I believe its all about the tools and creativity involved. I found an interesting personality who has been in the business of photography since 2001 and I actually thought he was a model but I simply describe him as a model's sure some models cannot give a pose as dope as this.

Eric Ganison is a young ambitious creative photographer who found his true call in photography and he is a self-taught photographer. His level of creativity is not just around the power of the lens and poses, Texas based Eric is also inspired through music, fashion and he has travelled to countries like China, France, Japan and Taiwan. If you think photography comes easy, then you need to think twice because it also comes with its own challenges and for Eric, he ensures to keep his work current with fresh ideas, concepts and new lightning techniques during every shoot.
 This talented young man says for every person who desires to pursue a career in photography, you need to be patient as an individual, be skillful and a very strong level of networking and I was quick to ask If this was a profitable career path.?..Well, It can be very profitable.He admires great photographers like Michael David Adam, Steven Meisel and Steven Klien. When Eric is not at the studio creating some magic with his hands and eyes, He loves to relax, cook and watch movies.We also talked about ruling the United States for 24 hours If given the opportunity and interestingly, He would want to focus on child hunger...

One of his fond memories about growing up was hanging out with his sisters and most importantly, going fishing with his dad...He also added that parents can do more to help their children with their career choices...For Eric, Photography has been good and fruitful as he went further in 2012 to start his own underwear and swimwear brand...This is one brand that is fast rising and much talked about...basically, the creator is a very humble and friendly individual who considers his client first in everything he does...If you want to know more about this unique brand in the business of photography, you can visit and If you are much interested in the underwears and swimwear, simply check out

Monday, 15 June 2015


Just like some people who feel they can never be hit by a bug of a series...I once called the bluff about sitting to watch the Game of Thrones but I got stuck from the very beginning. What exactly makes this drama series so unique or interesting that every one keeps talking about it and by everyone, I mean deeply rooted fans of drama...because there are people who just stare and get carried away with the whole thing...there are also those who skip, skip and skip their way to the end...

Back to the matter...It is not too late to repent of your ''theatric sins'' and flow with the season, enjoy a good series and learn one  or two things about will be marveled at the level of dialogue being exchanged when you watch most Hollywood series...ok! Well, for the true fellowship members who are following in body and soul..the season finale just ended and am sure many are still talking about the episode..I have no words to describe it because my mouth was left open for seconds...

Before I actually talk about the Koko of the matter...there were surprises...real shocking surprises; such as the brutal killing of Jon Snow, one of my favorite characters of the series...Sansa Stark has also escaped and I just hope and pray she makes it far out of that land....

Now, after watching the thrilling episode where Cersei had to go through the confession to the high sparrow and cleansing...I had to go online and find out more interesting details and what to expect in 2016 but to my surprise, a body double was used for her walk...According to CinemaBlend, Actress Lena Headey actually employed a body double for her famous walk.

According to reports, Lena has actually revealed well enough for jobs like 300, Aberdeen and Fair Game and so what would have been different about this all important walk which actually took 3 days to shoot..(.In Nollywood, that is like an entire production period for some movies...I swear.) Apparently, she was already pregnant with a baby girl as at October last year when it was being shot.
There were challenges while planning to shoot in Croatia as permissions were given to film outside but for the church scene, It took $200,000, a body double standing in for her, phones had to be confiscated.

Reports further stated that It would have been weird for her to walk amongst extras who would refer to her character as ''whore'' and ''brother fucker''. Basically, she was actually on set but did more of facial reactions...Do you now see why these guys are the ''baddest'' of them all...I totally believed that scene and the good news is that the series has been renewed for a new season in 2016.

One lesson...the business of make-believe must be made to be believed...

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Ini Edo is a well celebrated Nigerian actress and she is not the first to try out new styles as it is a common phenomenon amongst celebrities across the world...but Is this really the best or It is just a comfortable look...? 

Sunday, 7 June 2015


What record have you broken in your life...or What dreams have you accomplished...? It is no longer news that Bruce Jenner is now known as Ms. Caitlyn Jenner...take it or leave it...she is here for real and right in our faces...personally, I suggest you stop giving yourself high blood pressure over her matter but yet some others are concerned or just want to 'famzie'... and so, have decided to follow up to know more about this huge transformation. Transgender is not a new thing anymore but I feel what makes this a big issue is the life Caitlyn had lived before now; having a family and fulfilling other responsibilities as a man...

Ms. Caitlyn Jenner broke the world record for fastest growing twitter account of all time reaching 1 million followers in 4 hours and 3 minutes..She beat American President, Barack Obama to get to the number one spot. Jenner amassed 280,000 followers within the first hour...How many people dey follow me sef....?
Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner's reality series is also set to premiere in July, the show which is known as 'I AM CAIT' will document Jenner's transition to female gender identity and It is produced into an eight-part docu series...


Lagos is the center of excellence and everything within it is just excellent...I should say perfect but let me just leave it that way...I had an excellent experience on Saturday but not a 'Saturday nite fever' thingy but something more awesome. At about 20.00hrs GMT(8PM) in the company of friends, we drove to a joint/bar/spot or fill in any other name around Victoria Island...Now, I am not a football fan by some standards even though I have an idea of the game around the globe but I do not wear club jerseys to work after a weekend game just like a colleague of mine...I mean...who starts the week on a jersey anyway...?

Back to the matter...we took a spot and our table was prepared by a short dark man who immediately asked us for our choices...I went for Orijin because some colleagues of mine had ordered it for me before at one of our 'after-work-treats' but this time I went for a big bottle the way, the drink no bad at all....I actually thought it was just getting drinks and watching the finale of the champions league match between Juventus and Barcelona...the spirit was high as fans engaged in analysis as the game went on, even the bar owner who happens to be a woman was not left out of the football drama...Her bet was on Barcelona actually.

Ok!...My friend ordered for Isi Ewu (Goat Head) and It took a while before it arrived but we were gisting, drinking and watching the match while we await the African delicacy toh bad...Isi Ewu finally came and immediately I watched my hands and straight road with no Road Safety or Lastma to check me...I think its cool watching these live games at a bar because you get to feel the pulse of fans and I did enjoy the match...the Juventus guys actually left when they saw that there was no remedy to their downfall...

Well, I did not have more than one bottle because you might be expecting to explain how they helped me to the car...One bottle was enough to do the nite and mehhhhn...the Isi Ewu na die. Lagos is truly a center of excellent things


Having a career in broadcasting is paying off for so many people, as they get to pay their bills comfortably, meet great personalities, get famous and perhaps, sign autographs in 'danfos'...Harry Itie happens to be one of those young broadcast journalist who has continued to strive and be at his best while carrying out his daily work. Harry is an entertainment correspondent with the highly rated Television Continental in Lagos and has been privileged to interview some of the best talents in music, drama and fashion across the continent.

This graduate of Covenant University, Ota has been selected as a co-host at the Miss Ideal Nigeria pageant 2015 which is tagged 'Belle of the Ball'...Harry will be joined by Award winning style star, Adetoke Oluwo and London based Promise Ojiegbe. In a recent chat with him, He described this opportunity as something new and hopes it will be a learning process for him. He also describes it as exciting...Harry also says that our events are getting better but time is still a major issue for organizers.

As regards his career, Harry says a major challenge is trying to explore  new grounds. He makes it a duty to watch a lot of shows hosted by Journalists, as they serve as a motivation and inspires him to do more. He says working with TVC has been and would continue to be a rewarding experience..He added that he has grown tremendously, discovered his passion, strength and weakness..

Harry is passionate about his craft and he hopes that someday, his life would count for something..Harry has lots of goals but for now. he is enjoying this phase of his journey and excited to see where it will take him. Harry loves to hangout with friends when he is not working, watch movies and eat...This is one of the many young individuals in the broadcast industry who have carved a niche in any area of journalism.

Saturday, 6 June 2015


Mavin Records is one of the highly rated labels in Nigeria which comprises of the big boss, Don Jazzy, his brother, D'Prince, Dr. Sid, Korede Bello, Tiwa Savage, Di Ja and Ricardo Banks...As we know, Mavin was initially known as Mo Hits and am sure everyone felt the beats and videos being produced under that label back in the days. From Bangalee to Wande, It was always mind blowing but today, Is something wrong with their level of creativity because it seems they are loosing ideas about their music videos.

I do appreciate some of the videos being released under the Mavins but after viewing the Korede Bello's Godwin...I was having a doubt about these guys holding on to the baton for long..Do not get me wrong, after hearing the song played in my head over and over, I had to submit myself to the control of the beats and lyrics because It was soul lifting and quite inspirational and that brings me to the video.

Personally, you do not need to show me diverse activities of God winning because It seemed like a cliche concept of some of our gospel videos..What happened to having a story line defined by the life of Korede Bello himself..he should have revealed God's strengths and achievements in his life..after all, his fans backed him up when he performed in a church...This video should have been Korede's way of showing his 'surulere' to the public...The video had a commercial face and nothing to inspire me...I will only dance and watch how you parade various people interpreting God's favor...What happens after then....?

Korede Bello is a very talented artiste and this should have been his moment; why parade celebrities all in the name of commercializing this video..they actually had no connection with him in the video and to the technicalities..the camera angles were very flat, the locations did not breathe 'Godwin'. Thumbs up to the two female dancers in the video...I wonder why none of Korede Bello's family like his parents or close friends were not used in this video...Will this video sustain its glory for long, well, I do know that the so called 'media friends' would feed on it for a while before they munch on another great success but as for the lyrics, I believe it is something we all want to wake up to and dance before God.

This video is of average..I will only follow through because I like the lyrics which I initially beefed before...there was so much noise about it when It was released but after listening over and over..I had to subject to it. Mavin could have done better...

Thursday, 4 June 2015


It is easy to just assume that what a man can do, a woman can do much more but who says leadership is about a gender...there is more to being called a leader and if you do not have what it takes, it is advisable such a person takes the back seat or should not even think of boarding. Chemistry researcher, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim has emerged as the new president of Mauritius...Yes..She is a scientist and has pledged to target science diplomacy and to export the Island's good practices in research but she actually admitted in an interview that she has little political experience...Am so loving that honesty and with the right people around her, her rule would actually trip the country and make you think she's got the big deal about politics....She is the sixth president since the Island became a republic in 1992.

As we know currently, there are two elected female presidents in Africa alongside an interim one...Joyce Banda Sunday of Malawi, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and Catherine Samba-Panza, who is an interim President of the Central African Republic...The train of influence seems to be moving at a good speed as more women globally are stepping out irrespective of the gender issues...At 67, Experienced politician, former US Secretary of State,  Hillary Rodham Clinton is also aiming for the White House in 2016 and the hopes are high because she has got everything that can place her as the president..Its all about Americans going out en mass to vote.

What can i say about my country...? I know for sure that It will take divine intervention for a woman to rule in Nigeria because so many factors will work against her..Some women will never support a fellow woman for presidency..Do not ask me why..some of them reading now would know the answer to that and the ego of some men will never allow them vote for a female president and yet we talk about equality in this global age...I totally  respect Professor Remi Sonaiya for making an effort at becoming the President of Nigeria but aside the fact that she was contending against top candidates, I know most women around the country never considered her as a choice.

Hillary Clinton will be going through some serious re-branding by top PR experts in the world in order to meet up with the current trends of electorate existing in the United States...Yes, she looks good on paper as a frontier in the political game but will America see her as a reliable tool to lead its people...I do know that her victory will push more women out and am sure Nigeria will not be left out but for now, my people are still basking in the 'changeology' that has taken over Nigeria.


When you call yourself a Nigerian, there are so many attributes that are inherent in an actual Naija person...We love hospitality..we love to gather people, cook for them and make them feel at home. We love to express ourselves irrespective of our class, infact, the lower you are in class, the more cool noise you make..with all due respect, ask those residing at a face-me-i-face-you apartment...Well, most Nigerians have passed through that stage before establishing the ''Island'' in them...I mean..that is one of the ways by which ''success'' is defined among ''Lasgidians''.

Anyway, Somewhere in the heart of Delta was a wedding ceremony and usually, there are always people dressed up in varieties of African-Nigerian attires but this particular outfit might not be new to some of us but what strikes me is the way these individuals carried the outfit..It was proudly fitting I must say...The pictures speak for themselves and I really do not have to say much but will give an update about this design soon...

This exquisite outfit was made by Lagos based Fashion Designer, Oladapo Odunuga (CEO Bespoke).
In a chat with him, he says this outfit is basically an Agbada with a modern twist and to know he has been in business for just 5 years proves he has a determined spirit and commitment to be a good designer. Oladapo is also a Wardrobe consultant and stylist and operates on a strict appointment only. If you love what you see and desire to look this Nigerian on your special 0807-757-9360 or 0803-729-7901.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


There are so many sitcoms in Nigeria today that barely made it to a second season; reasons varied from finance, lack of content, wrong casting and low level of patronage by viewers but Squatterz has continued to remain a force to be reckoned with as viewers await the third season which will premiere on Saturday, 6th June, 2015.

If you think you have enjoyed the best of Television comedy and perhaps you were not opportuned to to watch the first two seasons of Squatterz, then, prepare...because this African Magic Viewers Choice Award Nominee is set to break the lid on comedy in Nigeria and Africa at large. Squatterz is not filled with celebrated acts that might distract you away from the story but talented and well groomed actors who understand the intricacies of the production and thanks to the creative mind of Seun Arowojolu, Producer and Director of Squatterz.

When you sit down to watch Squatterz, you must be glued to your seat except if a humorous app. was not installed in you...every character featured on Squatterz is well played out no matter how little the role and because it is a sitcom, everyone is relevant...From Papa, Buchi, Shege, Esiri, Amanda to Sureboy who is a recurring cast...Viewers should expect nothing less of undiluted laughter and 30 minutes of top quality Tv entertainment week in week out.

With the introduction of a new lady (Amanda) in the house after Danjuma's decision to leave the apartment to pursue his Master's degree, the ''squatters'' repackage the apartment, forcing Shege to bring a new squatter. Papa and Buchi did not like the idea, however, drama heightens when they realize how pretty she is, and the quest begins with who will get her...She has to make a choice between mature Papa and funny Buchi...

Squatterz is a production of DaySix Entertainment Limited and It will air from this June on Galaxy Television, Saturdays, 19.30 GMT.(7.30PM) You can also get to watch it on Ebonylife Tv, African Magic, Iroko Tv, Ghone Ghana, Wazobia Tv and over 20 Terrestial Television stations in Nigeria.
Stanley ''Funnybone'' Chibunna (Buchi)
Big Tony Ogbetere (Papa)
Femi Deolu Amusan (Shege)

Thursday, 28 May 2015


The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), a Non-Governmental Organization composed of young professionals from different fields of endeavor are coming together under a unified platform to discuss challenges they encounter in their operations and develop strategies to tackle them, with focus on small and medium enterprises and its impact on the Nigerian and global economy.

According to the Convener and Founder, Mr Moses Siloko Siasia, who is also the Chairman of Mosilo Group, the conference is expected to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to reflect on economic progress and prospects for strengthening business-to-business linkages across Africa. He also noted that the conference will focus on key sectors ranging from Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Information and Communication Technology, Blue Sea Economy (Marine), Manufacturing/Processing and the Creative Industry.

This conference will challenge and empower entrepreneurship mentality among every participant present and thereby enabling the creation of an economic revolution in Nigeria or any part of Africa where their businesses are located

Over 1000 carefully selected entrepreneurs  made up of young business owners in Nigeria and the Diaspora will be at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja for the debut of the highly anticipated Young Nigerians CEO's Conference and Exhibition from the 3rd - 4th August 2015. There are three key objectives of this gathering - Creating sustainable livelihood for young people, Engender purposeful leadership and social democratic inclusion and encouraging young people's participation in governance and the economic progress.

The conference is centered on the theme - Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in building economic leaders for tomorrow and this is one forum that will afford these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers from other parts of the world. For all who are interested in participating or sponsoring this event, Please reach the NYPF Executive Secretary, Dr. Nuhu Atta on +234-9-2914846 or +234 809-9441075 or you can simply visit the website, and send a mail,

Thursday, 23 April 2015


There are some people you meet in life with a lasting impression that breathes humility all around them and relating with them is quite awesome...Nigerian Model, Kemi Amusan falls into such category of people who are simply pleasant. It is easy to predict that based on her background but against all that, She is striving to make something out of her life. It may surprise you that she is a student of Accountancy at Yaba College of Technology and an Hair Stylist at the same time...Kemi emphasizes that she is an hardworking woman aimed at carving a niche for herself.

Dark skinned Kemi's story is quite inspirational because she was not born with a silver spoon. She was one of those child who never got what she wanted or desired from her parents and that means she must be contented with the little option provided by her parents...Above all, Kemi never blamed her parents, rather, she felt the need and determination to be successful in life each time she sees some rich kids all dressed up in church on Sundays...
When you meet Kemi, She will intimidate you with her height even though she is just at 5.11'..She seems quite long if that is cool to say but she defines a true model when you see her on the runway or striking some creative pose for the camera. This native of Abeokuta believes her background and environment serve as an inspiration to her and might have extended into her career as a professional model and that is why She also desires to change the way Models are treated if given the opportunity.

Kemi Tunrayo Amusan has had various fun moments in her career as a Model which took off in 2012 but the experience at Idanre Hills in Ondo State is one that stays glued to her heart forever, She had an editorial feature on Mania Magazine and she described it as fun, adventurous and awesome. She has worked with the likes of Adebayo Jones(UK), Maki Oh, Weizdhurm Franklin, Bridget Awosika, Grey, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Lisa Folawiyo at the Lagos Fashion Week amongst others...and with just a 3 year career, Kemi has proved her worth by emerging first runner up at the Best Model Nigeria 2014 and Pearl Look 2015 and a nominee at the West Africa Fashion Award..All these have generated media buzz for her as she got an exclusive interview on NTA after the Best Model Nigeria competition.
Hardwork truly pays and will continue to be the bane of success in any human endeavour and out of 70 Models who stepped out for the Pearl Look in Lagos, Kemi emerged first runner up at the end of the day. Certainly, she must have some level of experience within this short period...She says every fresher must learn catwalk. learn how to pose by standing in front of a mirror before you can be confident in front of the camera lens because a Fashion Model for instance has to be strong on the runway and photography...She emphasizes that Models must create standards for themselves.

Its a common knowledge in Nigeria that models are not treated well and so Kemi expressed her dissatisfaction about what they earn in the industry especially for those who have not made a name yet..''Sometimes you stay in the sun for long hours at Castings and that is discouraging'' she says.

Kemi intends to open a beauty house that will feature a salon, make up studio, manicure, pedicure and all other things that can enhance the beauty of a woman but I was quick to ask how she manages to relax amidst the busy schedules in the life of a model...and just like I guessed, she sees movies, swims, regular exercise to stay healthy along with fruits.

An inspiring and motivational part of my interview with her was when she said..''I do not have to accept what life gives me without having a choice, So I can take care of my younger ones and be able to give my children whatever they want as a mother''...It is inspiring for me because It proves and shows a determined woman who is ready to confront all obstacles to make the best use of her life.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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The Nigerian movie industry which is widely known as Nollywood has been putting every effort at being a force to reckon with globally and It is very evident in the quality of films that are being produced home and abroad but not overlooking the fact that there are certain challenges faced by these movie makers...Well, It is not a moment to drool over any issue but to celebrate the creative effort of Sobe Charles Umeh and Stanley Nzediegwu. A much talked about movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat...''BAD DROP''.

BAD DROP is a contemporary story centered on a young business executive, Oreva who would stop at nothing to get a promotion. What seemed like the perfect day he had waited for, took a bad turn as the Zee Tech file needed for his promotion goes missing. The search for the file is intense because the life of the company and this man is on this file, even as the company gears for a major pitch. The acting is brilliant and the directing is creatively achieved.

BAD DROP was set and shot in Lagos. The film was made by 1st Rate Pictures and Element 47 Pictures stars some of the best talents in Nollywood; Kalu Ikeagwu, Mary Lazarus, Ani Iyoho, Sandra Eze, Stan Nze and Angel Vara.
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