Sunday, 18 January 2015


It has happened again and I will not be apologetic about how I express my mind towards this industry called Nollywood...What exactly is this industry all about when some of these actors cannot reach out for assistance but rather die in silence?..In Hollywood, we hear of overdose but in Nigeria, It is either the kidney, liver or the heart..Is there really an insurance policy as regards the mental state of every actor in Nollywood...?

To all those of you who gather for the sake of new mints all in the bid to secure your future..I say shame on you and please do not preach ''It is Gods will to me'' right now..An industry full of pharisees, selfish talents, haters and so on..If there is love, while will Muna lie about the need of money...?  Do you guys even check on yourselves..? All you flaunt around are your pool parties, movie premieres across the world, flaunting your mansions, cars and clinching with the presidency to acquire more wealth and camouflage it as Entertainment gathering or what...?

I am not here to go all moody and think like every blogger including the popular Linda Ikeji who also published his death but why are we not calling the industry to other considering the number of blogs that exist on the social media forum now...Do we even know the actor that is suffering in silence right now..It is a shame on the leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria if the industry keeps loosing young talents like Muna Obiekwe.

We must not wait for them to pass on before realising how important they are..It is very easy to copy and paste images and tag with RIP but the life of every actor is very important and I know how a few struggle to get a life out of their career from dusk to dawn...All these sectional division in the industry should be stopped and every one should be duly under the Actors Guild umbrella.. I could say am guilty because It just dawned on me now that have not really been seeing him but alas death has thrown him in our faces and everybody starts changing their display pictures, updating their personal messages, bloggers are copying and pasting, tweeting and so on...

What exactly do these guys discuss with the president?...To smile home that there is a budget for their 2 weeks location film or what...? I also know that such diseases occurs among the Hollywood stars but majority are aged and the younger ones die of overdose, car accident and other avoidable incidences but in Nollywood, the story is pathetic just like this one...

Above all, I must give respect to the departed and I am sure he contributed meaningfully to the industry..I know there will be candle lights, wake keep and other ceremonies and you all shall gather in the name of paying your last respect but please when you are done, draw a list of your colleagues who have gone hiding..check on them, be concerned about their welfare if you are blessed enough...remember, we do not know the next person...

Friday, 16 January 2015


Nigerian Gospel Artiste turned politician, Kenny St.Brown is doing everything possible to remain on queue as regards the next era of her political career and that includes a romance with a top shot like Rotimi Amaechi, Governor of Rivers State. It is actually not a big deal but am always concerned about the timing and the intent. KSB recently lost out at the primaries that should give her a ticket into the Legislative house in Lagos, one she claimed was stolen from her....

I think Its too early for her to start dining and romancing the big man in the South region and she is actually new in this political business because being a celebrity does not equate instant ticket into the game...For people like her, Its best she goes back to her constituency and start a philanthropic mission of establishing her goals to bring change to her environment...This would put her at the platform where politicians would want to associate with her.

I am just wondering what KSB would be discussing with Rotimi Amaechi and It was just too early carrying a bandwagon along..It should be like a courtesy visit and let the press give you that platform unlike this parade of music artiste that have relegated to the background..the likes of Olu Maintain and Azadus..other Artistes are Dammy Krane, KSwitch, and Terry G.

Please take time to also visit the Top politicians in Lagos since Its your main constituency and I do not think Amaechi's influence will guarantee you a ticket at the next elections but before that era, you need to go back to the drawing board just like we advise our football team and set a goal as to how you will become Honourable Kenny St.Brown.
Picture courtesy of Information Nigeria


For everyone who watches the THE L.A.B.I SHOW on Television Continental, you will observe that It is a show where various callers express their relationship issues without holding back but on this particular episode I watched last night, Nollywood Actress and Activist was the guest on the late night show and she gave an expose about her first marriage and finding love the second time, one which has led to another fruitful marriage and most callers encouraged her and commended her for talking about her past but a certain Pastor called in from Badagry in Lagos and got the shock of his life.

The Pastor apparently felt Foluke would be very vulnerable or be clouded in the whole celebrity world and might not know about her bible but he got it all wrong..Foluke went ahead to defend his objection of divorce and asked him certain biblical questions and he was totally lost...The Pastor initially wondered why Foluke divorced her husband the first time knowing fully well that marriage is about ''for better for worse''...and I ask, What is about this better-worse thing...Why stay in a marriage If It will lead to your death...?

I believe Foluke Daramola Salako did not come on the show to just share her story like some Nollywood script..It is for women out there who are going through worse situations than hers and am sure a lot of women were motivated to either make their marriage work or fight to walk out before they die...surprisingly, her present husband followed her as a coach to the live studio of the show and I support her opinion that most of us are confused about our religion and we turn the bible upside down...


Jimi Agbaje can be valued as a reputable Pharmacist, Individual and socialite but many have not endorsed him as a Governor because he lacks the experience of a public office holder..I believe every citizen of the state has a right to run for office and the votes of the people will decide at the end of the day..The general public angle is what these guys have to offer the state that APC has not started and perhaps ready to do much more...More so, they have projects that should be completed.

For some people, Jimi Agbaje is not their issue, It is the platform he is representing...and does Jimi's plan go with the party or will he follow a party manifesto but recently, Mr. Jimi Agbaje is being talked about a lot on various social media platforms regarding some comments which has begin to raise a doubt about his genuine interest as Governor of Lagos State...and no representative of him has come to deny such statements...Has he changed, Is this the real Jimi Agbaje we never knew or Has he joined the bandwagon...?

I have more of questions than trading blames around as regards PDP...Will Lagos State grow better If Jimi Agbaje wins? Can they publish a detailed manifesto about their agenda for everyone to see? What more can they truly offer that Governor Fashola has not established...? A funny statement I saw recently has to do with the cancellation of the toll gate fee at Lekki If he wins and I said to myself, Is that the best winning strategy Mr. Agbaje can push forward to Lagosians..May I state here that Lagos is far different from most states because of the level of exposure...

I am looking forward to the debate on the 30th of January on Television Continental...I believe we shall get a lot of answers to the questions bothering us as regards the right choice but all fingers seems to be pointing at Akinwunmi Ambode as the next Governor of Lagos and not just because he is an experienced public office holder but contesting under the APC is a very great platform..

I will advise Mr Jimi Agbaje to concentrate more on practical agendas and communicate them to us directly and not using projects of the sitting governor as a weapon of campaign to his own favour but all of these decision boils down to the people who are the voters...above all, pray for peace.


A colleague called me one morning at work and asked If I prayed for Nigeria and I said No..and she pondered If many of us pray for Nigeria while observing our morning devotions...She was really concerned about the state of the nation as regards the coming elections and I felt guilty with myself because we are so busy making so much noise about our various candidates but leaving out a very significant aspect...Peace before and after the elections...

This is the first time the heat of the elections is being felt in the country aside the era of Late Chief Abiola and we are not even talking about gathering everyone and pray for the nation..She opened my mind to a very important point as regards the aftermath of the elections especially the Presidential..She says If Jonathan wins, the opposition will not find it funny and at the same If Buhari wins, the PDP clan will not take it funny too and therefore, she is concerned about peace .

I am using this medium to reach out to everyone around the world...Please say a prayer for Nigeria as regards the choice of matter what happens, peace must prevail..I am actually guilty as regards this but I have come to realise that this is a very important thing for the development of this nation...It actually does not cost anything but does more good at the end of the day..As we gather up all these politicians for debates, campaign and other stake holder conferences, I believe everyone in Nigeria should gather up and pray for peace..I believe some people do not wish this nation well and so we must fight positively with our mouth by professing peace...

Monday, 12 January 2015


40 Year Old American and producer, Ryan Seacrest who has virtually taken most of the big Television jobs in Hollywood has also gone further into the business of owning a clothing line...Should I be surprised..? This is one man who is so apt with his corporate bespoke outlook and he never goes wrong from what have seen so far...He is everywhere on Tv and can we also give him a vote of confidence as regards our wardbrobe...?
I actually find the name bold and convincing..Ryan Seacrest Distinction and am sure quite a number of celebrities would find his brand appealing and If you think Its a thing of jack of all trade and master of none..This looks like a master of all because he is good at what he does and nothing should stop you from fulfilling certain desires of the heart, even though I know some people have not been successful in other careers aside what the world knows them for...

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Black is truly not just about the colour, Its basically about the attitude...a brilliant attitude found in Kerry Washington who is also known as ''Olivia Pope'' in the Drama Series, Scandal but after watching the classic legal display of 49 Year Old, Viola Davis in HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, I had to take a bow for Shonda Rhimes for the deep interpretation given to the character of Professor Keating played by Viola...she makes me feel like having law for breakfast...

There is something about the character that just got me loving this woman and that is just an extension of the great writing skills of Shonda Rhimes..With a nomination at the Golden Globes this year, I can only look out for more awards for this talented actress who has already won the People's Choice for Best Actress...just like the words of a friend, Her acting is just impeccable.

I totally appreciate the ABC Family, Shonda Rhimes, Viola Davis and every other cast of How To Get Away With Murder..If you have not seen the first season, then you are missing always, Shonda Rhimes does not disappoint .


The Mr.Nigeria 2011 pageant has gone into the history books but the name that emerged as winner will always be a force to reckon with and this is because he believes in the discovery and development of talents around him...Deji Bakare created DEJI BAKARE TALENT SHOW, A show that discovered great talents in young Nigerians and he has also gone further to have a Modelling Academy where talents are also groomed for the business of modelling.

Deji Bakare is not relenting in his effort to have a good impact to the younger generation of this great nation and that is why the first season of the talent show is returning to television for rebroadcast.
DEJI BAKARE TALENT SHOW will start showing on NTA 2 from Sunday, 18th January, 2015 at 6.30PM. This is an initiative of DEJI BAKARE.

Saturday, 10 January 2015


It gets to a point in the career of any creative person where your present work has to be better than the previous ones and when it comes to music videos there are a few names that we all reckon with irrespective of how expensive they might be..we just simply appreciate their creative effort in coming up with top notch music videos and Clarence Peters is one of such professionals but If you take a critical look at his effort on the video of Ojuelegba...It calls for questioning on his present level of creativity.

I saw the video yesterday and am wondering If everyone was blind to the whole production; from the director to the artiste himself..How on earth do they think that Ojuelegba is depicted by just the use of the Lagos Yellow and black striped commercial buses also known as ''Danfo''..Everyone appeared plastic and fake in the bus and am wondering what Clarence Peters was thinking as at the time of production because this was not shot at Ojuelegba.

When you look at videos like Style by Dj Jimmy Jatt, you will know this was just a mess up...Ojuelegba breathes different aspect of life; from the commercial buses, the various food vendors, the human rush and so many dramatic personnels and Ojuelegba never sleeps like we know it but I am not saying he has to establish all of these...He actually did not shoot at Ojuelegba and that kills the essence of the song..and the shots were just too normal.

Friday, 9 January 2015


Deolu who is also known as Phemz of the defunct Boy band, Gxploits is now on a solo project and he has returned with a sophomore track, ''Playing No More''. This is actually a follow up on his debut single, ''Be Your Man''

''Playing No More'' is a 90s Rhythm and Blues, Neo-Soul track laced with African Contemporary lyrics and vibe. It is a beautiful love song which talks about a man giving up his player streak and loving his woman completely. Deolu's smooth sonorous vocal and adlibs on this joint surely makes him one to reckon with in the African music industry. Expect more from Deolu.

This particular love song was produced by DMM and if you believe in the spirit of true love, then inspire yourself with this brilliant piece( and you can also check out ''Be Your Man"- (

Sunday, 4 January 2015


This cover story is no longer news across the social media but I would just like most people to reflect and appreciate the women in their lives; from your wife, mother to your daughters..Ruth Benamaisia-Opia is a name that can never be forgotten in the business of broadcasting especially amongst the NTA family where she was a newscaster for several years and here she is in this cover looking very radiant with her daughters...

Her two beautiful daughters have however followed her steps especially Nnei(left) who has a degree in broadcasting and Weruche has a degree in Sociology and Drama and If you have seen the movie, When Love Happens, you will recognise her face...Weruche has also featured in films like Bad Education and Top Boy.
I salute the great effort of every woman out there in trying to give the best of education to their they say, empower them and you have empowered a nation...Treat them with respect and honour just like the boys because children are all equal.


I should not be surprised because there are several types of Association in Nigeria; from politics, government, economy, sports, entertainment, military and even artisans across the nation..and not forgetting transportation...Well, I hope they are licensed and do have a reasonable social responsibility laid down as part of their objectives or do they just gather at the beach every December to spend some of their husbands money...

I do not have access to photos but present at this gathering are the wives of Top Comedians in Nigeria such as Mc Abbey, Basket Mouth, Julius Agwu, Bovi, Teju BabyFace, whom we have not heard from in a while as regards his show, others include wife of Kayode Peters, Ogus Baba...Well, am sure these are not all the Comedians we have in Nigeria or Is it a thing of the highly placed Comedians..If this is really an association, I believe there should be a long list considering the number of Comedians we have even in Lagos.

Please next time you want to hold such a gathering, kindly invite other wives and aspiring wives across the country...even girlfriends can be invited, after all, It is your husbands money.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


There are several celebrity couples in Nigeria but I have come to realise Tuface and Annie Idibia seems to be the most powerful celebrity couple around...These two have been there and done that...and the fact that they ended up as husband and wife after all the drama that has ensued in their respective lives, makes them a power couple even though Annie seems to be on the quiet side regarding her acting career but she still graces most events with her husband whom she fondly calls Innocent during most press interview. They kiss, hug, pose and just play around..I guess they do not take their status too seriously and that is humility...