Friday, 16 January 2015


Jimi Agbaje can be valued as a reputable Pharmacist, Individual and socialite but many have not endorsed him as a Governor because he lacks the experience of a public office holder..I believe every citizen of the state has a right to run for office and the votes of the people will decide at the end of the day..The general public angle is what these guys have to offer the state that APC has not started and perhaps ready to do much more...More so, they have projects that should be completed.

For some people, Jimi Agbaje is not their issue, It is the platform he is representing...and does Jimi's plan go with the party or will he follow a party manifesto but recently, Mr. Jimi Agbaje is being talked about a lot on various social media platforms regarding some comments which has begin to raise a doubt about his genuine interest as Governor of Lagos State...and no representative of him has come to deny such statements...Has he changed, Is this the real Jimi Agbaje we never knew or Has he joined the bandwagon...?

I have more of questions than trading blames around as regards PDP...Will Lagos State grow better If Jimi Agbaje wins? Can they publish a detailed manifesto about their agenda for everyone to see? What more can they truly offer that Governor Fashola has not established...? A funny statement I saw recently has to do with the cancellation of the toll gate fee at Lekki If he wins and I said to myself, Is that the best winning strategy Mr. Agbaje can push forward to Lagosians..May I state here that Lagos is far different from most states because of the level of exposure...

I am looking forward to the debate on the 30th of January on Television Continental...I believe we shall get a lot of answers to the questions bothering us as regards the right choice but all fingers seems to be pointing at Akinwunmi Ambode as the next Governor of Lagos and not just because he is an experienced public office holder but contesting under the APC is a very great platform..

I will advise Mr Jimi Agbaje to concentrate more on practical agendas and communicate them to us directly and not using projects of the sitting governor as a weapon of campaign to his own favour but all of these decision boils down to the people who are the voters...above all, pray for peace.