Saturday, 10 January 2015


It gets to a point in the career of any creative person where your present work has to be better than the previous ones and when it comes to music videos there are a few names that we all reckon with irrespective of how expensive they might be..we just simply appreciate their creative effort in coming up with top notch music videos and Clarence Peters is one of such professionals but If you take a critical look at his effort on the video of Ojuelegba...It calls for questioning on his present level of creativity.

I saw the video yesterday and am wondering If everyone was blind to the whole production; from the director to the artiste himself..How on earth do they think that Ojuelegba is depicted by just the use of the Lagos Yellow and black striped commercial buses also known as ''Danfo''..Everyone appeared plastic and fake in the bus and am wondering what Clarence Peters was thinking as at the time of production because this was not shot at Ojuelegba.

When you look at videos like Style by Dj Jimmy Jatt, you will know this was just a mess up...Ojuelegba breathes different aspect of life; from the commercial buses, the various food vendors, the human rush and so many dramatic personnels and Ojuelegba never sleeps like we know it but I am not saying he has to establish all of these...He actually did not shoot at Ojuelegba and that kills the essence of the song..and the shots were just too normal.