Friday, 6 February 2015


This is perhaps the most popular family in Hollywood and they are not just famous but their bank accounts can attest to their lifestyle...fabulous, famous, rich, stylish and crazy...crazy because so much drama dwells within the Kardashian Empire; from Mama Kris, Kim and all the way to Bruce Jenner who has almost concluded his transformation to a woman...I am not judging him in anyway but I must say he is quite bold because he is above 60 years...I guess that might be the reason for his split with Kris...they called it irreconcilable differences.

Some people have opined that they will go insane living with the Kardashians but can anyone really keep up with them..I know their reality show says a lot about them but it seems they are more crazy outside their show..Can anyone really match up this family...?

Kimberly Kardashian
This is perhaps the ''Queen of the Park'' when it comes to the Showbiz craze of the Kardashians..Kim is not news to anyone when it comes to posing nude for highly rated Magazines across various continents and her marriage to Rapper and Fashion Entrepreneur, Kanye West is actually the third. 34 Years Old Kim is an American Television and Social Media Personality, Model and Actress. In 2010, She was reported to be the highest-paid Television personality with an estimated earnings of 6 million dollars.

Mummy North West is the wealthiest of the younger Kardashian generation with a reported 40 million dollars to her name and not forgetting she gets paid 10,000 dollars for every tweet...What do you think about that...(smiles)?

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian is another interesting lady but not much about her as compared to her elder sister Kim..She has also smelt marriage for about 4 years with Basketball Star, Lamar Odom, adopted a boxer dog and went on and off with French Montana..She may be young but truly seems quite intelligent.She is worth 20 million dollars in the family.

Kourtney Mary Kardashian
This mother of three has not officially married any man but the world knows only one man to be the father of her three kids and that is Scott Disick, they have been partners for about 7 years now with a lot of ups and downs especially regarding Scott's drinking issues. She is also a very successful fashion entrepreneur and has a stake of 20 million dollars in the family.

Kristen Jenner
I would refer to her as the Mother Goose..the chief controller of all that concerns the Kardashian, after all, her ex husband Robert is late already and that empire must remain...This grandmother has not relented in looking young or finding love in a younger man. Kris will officially divorce Bruce Jenner in March 2015 but currently hanging in and out with Corey Gamble.

She has also undergone plastic surgery to enhance her breast twice and extensive work done on her nose and I presume it will not end there because she would love to remain young forever before those young dudes out there...By the way, I have a thought about if children from a divorce home will forever remain married because Kris was also raised for a while by a single mum and here is she today and her children are not left out either. Kris bore Bruce Jenner two children while married together; Kendall and Kylie...This super manager is worth about 20 million dollars in the Kardashian Bank.

I cannot keep up with this family because I will just go crazy; Is it the fame, money, lifestyle and not forgetting paparazzi...already, Kendall and Kylie seems to have picked up that wild legacy and the trend might just go on and on in the long as the superwoman Kris alive.