Sunday, 29 March 2015


The Nigerian entertainment industry will continue to produce talented young men who can diversify easily when it comes to talent development...Men like Oc Ukeje, Gideon Okeke and Alexx Ekubo have established their stay in the industry and a most recent addition to that list is Femi Deolu Amusan but he is actually not a new comer to the show biz industry because he has tasted music, modelling and the most recent dish on his table, acting...Deolu was a former member of the boy band, Gxploits. I had a recent chat with him and he bared his mind about his career.

Since the split of the group. Deolu decided to pay more attention to other artistic side of himself which includes modelling, fashion, voice overs and acting but he also took a bold step in concluding his academic pursuit as a Computer Engineer. This shows that the industry is full of brains...

The split actually gave him the opportunity of having to sing a full song all by himself without having to share the verses but Deolu admits that he learned a lot being a member of Gxploits; personally and musically and will forever be grateful for the experience...He adds that being part of Gxploits had its own perks but fortunate enough to have made music that brought the group on top list of Artistes in Africa. However, there are some groups who do not see eye to eye again after splitting...well, that is not the story with these guys even though they are not sure of a come back.
You can chose to call Deolu jack of all trades but he has always tried to be the best at what he does and so he believes in the new crop of Nollywood producers and Actors...and would certainly want to be part of that revolution. Deolu has continued to make a mark in a situation comedy, ''Squatterz'' which he just rounded off the from the set of the third season, Deolu believes there is room for improvement in the industry especially as regards the scripts. He also emphasized that more people need to invest in the industry and actors have to get better in their crafts.

For every role interpretation comes a challenge and Deolu was not different either in that regard but he says playing a character is fun, creative and adventurous. however, being believable with a particular character comes with a deep understanding of it but at the end of the day, Its all worth it for Deolu who simply expresses satisfaction and confidence at what he does.

On his musical career which is quite active now, Deolu is currently promoting his sophomore single, ''Playing No More'', produced by Oluremi Iyilade(DMM) which is a follow up to his debut single, ''Be Your Man''. Deolu seems to be enjoying every talent his got within his soul but as for modelling, his more behind the scene now grooming models on catwalk.
Deolu has proved that he surely has a stay in the industry and producers will certainly not get tired of him because when you take a look at the calibre of actors he has worked with. you will understand his drive for being good at what he does...Recently, he was on the set of an African Magic Original Film with the likes of Femi Jacobs, Naya Amobi and Paul Adams. He was also on a new feature film called ''Diary of a Lagos Girl'' where he starred alongside OC Ukeje, Alexx Ekubo, Dolapo Oni and Linda Ejiofor. Both productions are set to hit your airwaves soon and just like Oliver Twist, Deolu expects more challenging and interesting roles.


One of the most significant thing about an actor is the power of versatility in their career and this is something Nollywood Actor, Aaron Sunday has continually proved in his career and producers will never get bored or tired about his talent...Well, the producers of House of Badmus have gone one step ahead to create another sitcom titled ''Take 3''..A series that will keep the nation on the edge of their seat...You might ask why?...Its very simple; No one in the transaction of ''Baba Ijebu'' jokes with the money invested and I must commend the producers for taking some creative risk in putting such an everyday occurrence into a situation comedy.

Take 3 is about the Lotto game in Nigeria, where people go to play and put their hopes on winning..popularly known as Baba Ijebu. Take 3 stars three interesting and unique actors; Aaron Sunday was casted as Emeka, an unemployed graduate who falls in love with Patience, the girl who runs a Baba Ijebu Lotto stand and plans to marry her as soon as he secures a job...
There is Victory Emueje who was casted as Cletus...This is one actor I admire so much because he interprets roles very well and he is a true definition of who an actor is and he is quite funny off the camera too. Cletus is a degenerated gambler, a culturally superstitious and regular street guy...He lives closely with Emeka. Patience is the last character and she is a University drop out and runs the lotto stand but certainly, not much can be made from that and so she relies on Emeka to make something out of his hustle in order to rescue her from that state...By the way, she is deeply in love with him...

These are three unique characters distinguished by their individual ambitions yet united in a social quick stand they will never escape hell of a daily struggle and situations you can relate with as Nigerians. 26 Episodes have been recorded so far and am certain this is one series we cannot afford to miss.

Aaron says shooting was under an intense sun because the director was critical about getting good picture quality...As usual, It was hectic but again, this is what you signed up for says Aaron. He further says playing Emeka was interesting and quite comical and he appreciates his co-actors who gave him added strength to interpret his character well. Take 3 will hit the airwaves in April and it is a production of Ad'Erick Media Limited, the producers of House of Badmus.

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Nigerian Actor and Model, Baaj Adebule has not relaxed in his quest to become a force to be reckoned with since he emerged 3rd runner up at the Mr. Nigeria pageant back in 2011. Baaj has featured in various top Advertising campaigns, Sit-Coms and Dramas but he has now taken a step at being a Film Maker and what is the essence of growing in a chosen career if you cannot challenge yourself to some other areas of your field..This is exactly what Baaj is doing.

This is the first issue of a series of short films from the House of Baaj. It pictures on the subject matter- ''Seeing'' and it is about a wife's action as a result of her husbands negligence and her lover's reaction to their threatened affair. The trio's reaction to this tragic scenario forces out a part of them that they can't fathom. This one revolves around betrayal thus the name ''Seeing Betrayal'' and the subsequent short films retains the major subject- ''Seeing'' but with different themes.

In a chat with him, his motivation of this short film circles around the need to tell the story from an angle that is not usually viewed and he chose to write a story that everyone would relate to no matter their age or personality and also expand their reasoning. To widen their scope and change their mindset. It is impossible to embark on any project without encountering some challenges...Baaj says getting the right story was a challenge but an eventual motivation came from his girlfriend. He also had to consider the proper plan, budget, location, crew and cast.

This graduate of Covenant University says his goal is to be one of the best Actors and Film Makers Africa has ever seen. To star and produce movies that change the way the industry has been and so this d├ębut was inevitable. A project that has been on his mind for years and what more brings joy than the fulfilment derived in successfully embarking and completing such a project. Baaj worked with talented Nollywood Actor, Ani Iyoho and Rachael Emem Isaac with Toks Opaleye as the Director of Photography.


Welcome to the Empire...(singing-you're so beautiful...) Hollywood surely knows where and how to get me and I must say I am long as I continue to get a taste of Cookie Lyon played out well by Taraji P. Hendricks. She is a Matriarch of the Empire Family and everything she says is gold with various layers of onion to peel from..From the very pilot episode when she got out of prison, I knew this talented actress will steal me away from the likes of Olivia Pope(Scandal), Professor Keaton(How To Get Away With Murder) and Alicia Florick(The Good Wife). I am still in love with these other characters but Cookie just brings some sexiness to drama and I believe Taraji deserves an Emmy or perhaps Empire truly deserves an Emmy soon.

I think Fox, Lee Daniels and Danny Strong got this one perfectly right and the Cookie character is always something to look out for; from her fashion style which is very urban and hip to her salty language which actually bothered her if Fox would allow that on Tv...Well, It turned out that fans are crazier about such a personae. Now, I have more than one Queen of Drama in my life with Cookie topping the list..Some of the interesting acts include Cookie beating up her youngest son, Hakeem with a broom when he called her by name and using a foul language on his mother when she returned from a 17-year term in prison.

The power play of music in this series is very charming and sexy and simply appeals and helps convey the dialogues of the various characters..This is a very different side of Taraji as to her frequent play of an agent or some regular romance drama...She is fiercely sexy and every move she makes here is brilliant. She does not struggle with any part of her body and she knows herself well and does not apologize for it.

Anyway, I am very much at home with Olivia Pope of Scandal and Professor Keaton getting away with Murder...These three women have different goals but similar ideals of going for what they want and they never give up...Thanks to Fox for this beautiful package..there is never a dull moment!

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Its been a month since I visited my own blog and there is absolutely no excuse for not updating so far...but thanks to the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2015, I was inspired to share how I feel about this prestigious African ceremony. I was very lucky to catch the event live on African Magic and I was thrilled, upset and also happy because It was a night for young generations and I think Its a great step to developing the industry.

I want to start by acknowledging the following personalities for their brilliant outfit; Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, Kunle Afolayan, Oge Okoye and Kate Henshaw blew me away for being yellow with a little touch of Ankara print. However, I do love Mabel Makun's ballroom dress but the drama involved in carrying all of that as she followed her husband to receive his award for ''30 Days in Atlanta'' just got me bored and she was very shy on stage...was she forced to accompany her husband?.

To another serious matter; when I watched the Oscars this year, It was rare to see colleagues or friends accompanying award recipients to the stage...I was wondering what Eniola Badmus and Mide Funmi Martins was doing on stage when they do not have anything doing there because the cameras give us a different interpretation of their presence...Even when Beyonce won a great award at the MTV Awards recently, she only kissed her hubby before heading for the stage...and to Mr. Tayo Faniran of the Big Brother Fame, I am sure you rehearsed for your presentation and you just got carried away with the fame and forgot you have to acknowledge nominees before announcing a winner..Thank God you got control back..

The AMVCA should be applauded for being well organized; good lighting and sound, the various presenters were very behaved except for few excessive sense of humor that did not come out well...and the various winners were quite deserving especially October 1 which got Best Actress in a Drama/Movie(Kehinde Bankole), Best Director(Kunle Afolayan), Best Film amongst others..My best win of the event was Best Supporting Actor, Blossom Chukwujelu...

It was an event filled with glitz, glamour and grace..and quite emotional for some of the recipients...I know some will call it Africa's Oscar...well, you could be right based on the standard of the ceremony..My best award presenters of the event would be Nigerian Actors, Funmilola Aofiyebi Raimi and Ali Nuhu and not forgetting Funke Akindele; she always knows how to get us laughing...