Saturday, 14 March 2015


Welcome to the Empire...(singing-you're so beautiful...) Hollywood surely knows where and how to get me and I must say I am long as I continue to get a taste of Cookie Lyon played out well by Taraji P. Hendricks. She is a Matriarch of the Empire Family and everything she says is gold with various layers of onion to peel from..From the very pilot episode when she got out of prison, I knew this talented actress will steal me away from the likes of Olivia Pope(Scandal), Professor Keaton(How To Get Away With Murder) and Alicia Florick(The Good Wife). I am still in love with these other characters but Cookie just brings some sexiness to drama and I believe Taraji deserves an Emmy or perhaps Empire truly deserves an Emmy soon.

I think Fox, Lee Daniels and Danny Strong got this one perfectly right and the Cookie character is always something to look out for; from her fashion style which is very urban and hip to her salty language which actually bothered her if Fox would allow that on Tv...Well, It turned out that fans are crazier about such a personae. Now, I have more than one Queen of Drama in my life with Cookie topping the list..Some of the interesting acts include Cookie beating up her youngest son, Hakeem with a broom when he called her by name and using a foul language on his mother when she returned from a 17-year term in prison.

The power play of music in this series is very charming and sexy and simply appeals and helps convey the dialogues of the various characters..This is a very different side of Taraji as to her frequent play of an agent or some regular romance drama...She is fiercely sexy and every move she makes here is brilliant. She does not struggle with any part of her body and she knows herself well and does not apologize for it.

Anyway, I am very much at home with Olivia Pope of Scandal and Professor Keaton getting away with Murder...These three women have different goals but similar ideals of going for what they want and they never give up...Thanks to Fox for this beautiful package..there is never a dull moment!