Sunday, 29 March 2015


The Nigerian entertainment industry will continue to produce talented young men who can diversify easily when it comes to talent development...Men like Oc Ukeje, Gideon Okeke and Alexx Ekubo have established their stay in the industry and a most recent addition to that list is Femi Deolu Amusan but he is actually not a new comer to the show biz industry because he has tasted music, modelling and the most recent dish on his table, acting...Deolu was a former member of the boy band, Gxploits. I had a recent chat with him and he bared his mind about his career.

Since the split of the group. Deolu decided to pay more attention to other artistic side of himself which includes modelling, fashion, voice overs and acting but he also took a bold step in concluding his academic pursuit as a Computer Engineer. This shows that the industry is full of brains...

The split actually gave him the opportunity of having to sing a full song all by himself without having to share the verses but Deolu admits that he learned a lot being a member of Gxploits; personally and musically and will forever be grateful for the experience...He adds that being part of Gxploits had its own perks but fortunate enough to have made music that brought the group on top list of Artistes in Africa. However, there are some groups who do not see eye to eye again after splitting...well, that is not the story with these guys even though they are not sure of a come back.
You can chose to call Deolu jack of all trades but he has always tried to be the best at what he does and so he believes in the new crop of Nollywood producers and Actors...and would certainly want to be part of that revolution. Deolu has continued to make a mark in a situation comedy, ''Squatterz'' which he just rounded off the from the set of the third season, Deolu believes there is room for improvement in the industry especially as regards the scripts. He also emphasized that more people need to invest in the industry and actors have to get better in their crafts.

For every role interpretation comes a challenge and Deolu was not different either in that regard but he says playing a character is fun, creative and adventurous. however, being believable with a particular character comes with a deep understanding of it but at the end of the day, Its all worth it for Deolu who simply expresses satisfaction and confidence at what he does.

On his musical career which is quite active now, Deolu is currently promoting his sophomore single, ''Playing No More'', produced by Oluremi Iyilade(DMM) which is a follow up to his debut single, ''Be Your Man''. Deolu seems to be enjoying every talent his got within his soul but as for modelling, his more behind the scene now grooming models on catwalk.
Deolu has proved that he surely has a stay in the industry and producers will certainly not get tired of him because when you take a look at the calibre of actors he has worked with. you will understand his drive for being good at what he does...Recently, he was on the set of an African Magic Original Film with the likes of Femi Jacobs, Naya Amobi and Paul Adams. He was also on a new feature film called ''Diary of a Lagos Girl'' where he starred alongside OC Ukeje, Alexx Ekubo, Dolapo Oni and Linda Ejiofor. Both productions are set to hit your airwaves soon and just like Oliver Twist, Deolu expects more challenging and interesting roles.