Saturday, 14 March 2015


Nigerian Actor and Model, Baaj Adebule has not relaxed in his quest to become a force to be reckoned with since he emerged 3rd runner up at the Mr. Nigeria pageant back in 2011. Baaj has featured in various top Advertising campaigns, Sit-Coms and Dramas but he has now taken a step at being a Film Maker and what is the essence of growing in a chosen career if you cannot challenge yourself to some other areas of your field..This is exactly what Baaj is doing.

This is the first issue of a series of short films from the House of Baaj. It pictures on the subject matter- ''Seeing'' and it is about a wife's action as a result of her husbands negligence and her lover's reaction to their threatened affair. The trio's reaction to this tragic scenario forces out a part of them that they can't fathom. This one revolves around betrayal thus the name ''Seeing Betrayal'' and the subsequent short films retains the major subject- ''Seeing'' but with different themes.

In a chat with him, his motivation of this short film circles around the need to tell the story from an angle that is not usually viewed and he chose to write a story that everyone would relate to no matter their age or personality and also expand their reasoning. To widen their scope and change their mindset. It is impossible to embark on any project without encountering some challenges...Baaj says getting the right story was a challenge but an eventual motivation came from his girlfriend. He also had to consider the proper plan, budget, location, crew and cast.

This graduate of Covenant University says his goal is to be one of the best Actors and Film Makers Africa has ever seen. To star and produce movies that change the way the industry has been and so this d├ębut was inevitable. A project that has been on his mind for years and what more brings joy than the fulfilment derived in successfully embarking and completing such a project. Baaj worked with talented Nollywood Actor, Ani Iyoho and Rachael Emem Isaac with Toks Opaleye as the Director of Photography.