Thursday, 23 April 2015


There are some people you meet in life with a lasting impression that breathes humility all around them and relating with them is quite awesome...Nigerian Model, Kemi Amusan falls into such category of people who are simply pleasant. It is easy to predict that based on her background but against all that, She is striving to make something out of her life. It may surprise you that she is a student of Accountancy at Yaba College of Technology and an Hair Stylist at the same time...Kemi emphasizes that she is an hardworking woman aimed at carving a niche for herself.

Dark skinned Kemi's story is quite inspirational because she was not born with a silver spoon. She was one of those child who never got what she wanted or desired from her parents and that means she must be contented with the little option provided by her parents...Above all, Kemi never blamed her parents, rather, she felt the need and determination to be successful in life each time she sees some rich kids all dressed up in church on Sundays...
When you meet Kemi, She will intimidate you with her height even though she is just at 5.11'..She seems quite long if that is cool to say but she defines a true model when you see her on the runway or striking some creative pose for the camera. This native of Abeokuta believes her background and environment serve as an inspiration to her and might have extended into her career as a professional model and that is why She also desires to change the way Models are treated if given the opportunity.

Kemi Tunrayo Amusan has had various fun moments in her career as a Model which took off in 2012 but the experience at Idanre Hills in Ondo State is one that stays glued to her heart forever, She had an editorial feature on Mania Magazine and she described it as fun, adventurous and awesome. She has worked with the likes of Adebayo Jones(UK), Maki Oh, Weizdhurm Franklin, Bridget Awosika, Grey, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Lisa Folawiyo at the Lagos Fashion Week amongst others...and with just a 3 year career, Kemi has proved her worth by emerging first runner up at the Best Model Nigeria 2014 and Pearl Look 2015 and a nominee at the West Africa Fashion Award..All these have generated media buzz for her as she got an exclusive interview on NTA after the Best Model Nigeria competition.
Hardwork truly pays and will continue to be the bane of success in any human endeavour and out of 70 Models who stepped out for the Pearl Look in Lagos, Kemi emerged first runner up at the end of the day. Certainly, she must have some level of experience within this short period...She says every fresher must learn catwalk. learn how to pose by standing in front of a mirror before you can be confident in front of the camera lens because a Fashion Model for instance has to be strong on the runway and photography...She emphasizes that Models must create standards for themselves.

Its a common knowledge in Nigeria that models are not treated well and so Kemi expressed her dissatisfaction about what they earn in the industry especially for those who have not made a name yet..''Sometimes you stay in the sun for long hours at Castings and that is discouraging'' she says.

Kemi intends to open a beauty house that will feature a salon, make up studio, manicure, pedicure and all other things that can enhance the beauty of a woman but I was quick to ask how she manages to relax amidst the busy schedules in the life of a model...and just like I guessed, she sees movies, swims, regular exercise to stay healthy along with fruits.

An inspiring and motivational part of my interview with her was when she said..''I do not have to accept what life gives me without having a choice, So I can take care of my younger ones and be able to give my children whatever they want as a mother''...It is inspiring for me because It proves and shows a determined woman who is ready to confront all obstacles to make the best use of her life.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


This product has been in existence for more than 8 years and has been a perfect companion for some people...It is still very much active and a solution to Diabetes, Infertility, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Pile, Weal Erection, Vaginal Discharge, Malaria, Rheumatism, Obesity amongst others...No one should wait for an ailment to knock them off completely before seeking solution. Hurry now and place your orders for RUZU HERBAL BITTERS. It is NAFDAC Approved and you can call 0802 315 9897 for more details and enquiries about this product.


The Nigerian movie industry which is widely known as Nollywood has been putting every effort at being a force to reckon with globally and It is very evident in the quality of films that are being produced home and abroad but not overlooking the fact that there are certain challenges faced by these movie makers...Well, It is not a moment to drool over any issue but to celebrate the creative effort of Sobe Charles Umeh and Stanley Nzediegwu. A much talked about movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat...''BAD DROP''.

BAD DROP is a contemporary story centered on a young business executive, Oreva who would stop at nothing to get a promotion. What seemed like the perfect day he had waited for, took a bad turn as the Zee Tech file needed for his promotion goes missing. The search for the file is intense because the life of the company and this man is on this file, even as the company gears for a major pitch. The acting is brilliant and the directing is creatively achieved.

BAD DROP was set and shot in Lagos. The film was made by 1st Rate Pictures and Element 47 Pictures stars some of the best talents in Nollywood; Kalu Ikeagwu, Mary Lazarus, Ani Iyoho, Sandra Eze, Stan Nze and Angel Vara.
Trailer link:

Monday, 13 April 2015


Fabulous and Chic looking women around the world are in for a new level of fashion as London Business woman, Kemi Laniyan is set to dazzle the world with a new brand known as Ilorin Fashion. The idea she says is to marry African and western designs into everyday casual clothing that can be worn by every woman anywhere and anytime.

Kemi says her motivation is for the label to make designs by African fashion designers more visible in the mainstream and in everyday life, especially in board rooms and business meetings. The fashion label will be based in London and will focus on ready to wear designs by Indigenous designers from across the African continent and will be available in select stores and boutiques on high streets and interestingly, you also get this brand online.

Kemi Laniyan is a successful and amiable business woman who owns London Flats, a luxury apartment rental service agency for city professionals...Ilorin  Fashion will have a formal launch within the year in a mainstream fashion event. Interested designers from all over Africa who are interested in a partnership should send a mail to or visit and you can also call +44 203 774 8316

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Just like we had in the Presidential election where focus was mainly on two popular candidates from the PDP and APC...Lagos State is in similar state too as elections hold this Saturday and there has been so many campaign tours to various local governments across the city of excellence. Lagosians will decide the new occupant of the State House, Marina by electing their choice between Akinwunmu Ambode of All Progressive Congress and Jimi Agbaje of Peoples Democratic Party. Is this really a tough one..? Well, One cannot really conclude because there are several factors that might go for or against any candidate at the polls.

Lagos is a cosmopolitan state filled with diverse people with various ideologies about how governance should function and so, some votes will be based on personality, there will be votes based on party loyalty, incumbent's achievements and the most recent was a controversial statement from a top Monarch in Lagos...Many described it as the last straw that broke the Carmel's back...and so, majority who did not participate at the Presidential election are geared to vote this time around for their candidate. This means that we are likely to have more accredited voters on Saturday.

What does Lagos really need now...? Is it continuity or a change too..?. It is very fair to stand on the line of the present administration based on their various developmental projects, some of which are yet to be completed...but again, Has Lagos really felt a total transformation or Is it just a government for a selected group of citizens...?  I am hopeful for a genuine result based on the choice of the citizens and the chant about ''We will remove them if they do not perform'' has not melted away...It shows that the electorates of today are fully aware about their participation at the electoral process in their country.

Who will take the mantle of authority as the number one citizen...? Is it an Accountant or a Pharmacist...? By the way, Has anyone seen the wives of these two candidates lately; at a campaign or somewhere beside their aspiring governor?...Anyway, I look forward to a better Lagos too just like Nigeria and there are certain interiors in Lagos that needs to be looked at...I will not go into that now but am sure these two candidates know what they are in for...Things have changed, citizens are fully awake like watch dogs Journalists vis a vis social media trends.

They are both qualified as a governor and I must commend Jimi Agbaje as he has never given up on being the Governor of the commercial heartbeat of Nigeria, Lagos...just like the President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari...I want to also acknowledge other candidates who have put various strategic efforts at this election even though some posters will definitely not move many of us to cast our vote for such a party...but we must appreciate them for standing up as fellow candidates.

...And the world will be watching us, International media organizations and the social media will all be alive monitoring the governorship election in Lagos...I have no idea about the outcome but may the best man win...the man that will take Lasgidi to a different level, the man that will not be biased in carrying out his duties as governor...A man that fears God and respects the votes of his citizens...Who is that Man...?


Nigerian Model and Chief Consultant of Think I Concept Management recently clocked another year and he expressed his concerns about the Modeling industry...This is actually my first time of hearing an opinion about creating a model association. Michael emphasized about this idea in relation to seeing the rights of every potential model in Nigeria, he further says it should be seen as a profession and there must be effective laws guiding the industry amidst a professional structure. He was also concerned about the lack of respect for models.

Michael also talked about his project, The Model Workshop Nigeria- A second edition slated for June is a two-day intensive programme that enlightens aspiring models about the business of modeling. There will be 20 facilitators from the business of fashion, photography, make up and other affiliated associates in the life of a model.

Its an awesome feeling clocking another year amidst various life challenges and Michael is simply glad about it, saying grace kept him..He spent his day with family and friends and also took time to relax his mind which is certainly needed by any professional model so as to appear healthy on and off the runway and before the camera flashes.
Michael says there are lots of project in the pipeline to help develop the youths of Nigeria but to be a part of the models workshop, visit or like the facebook page.


When you enjoy a particular movie, feature or drama and you get an opportunity of meeting any featured actor, Aside going starstruck, Its always nice appreciating their effort in such a project...These guys are quite hardworking I must say and I only hope that they continue to get the precise benefit in their various flicks. Nollywood Actor, Paul Utomi also shared similar opinion in a recent chat with him. ''The industry is constantly growing and evolving but It will be nice to see actors and crew members receiving fees and payments for their services that is at par with other major film producing countries''.

Paul is a multi talented individual who is very committed to his career...It is very easy to swipe and say what is the big deal about that but am not sure some of us understand the intricacies of interpreting scripts and playing a role that is not you and according to him, every character comes with its own unique set of challenges. Acting is fun and enjoyable he says but requires a bit of effort. He emphasizes that every actor should strive to entertain and also give the audience a sense of satisfaction.

This dark skinned Model studied Economics at the Lagos State University and took a course in Acting and Directing but how did he come about that career...? Paul says he has always been drawn to the magic of, Its just kind of happened that such a feeling about films could end up being a source of your daily existence and a look at his personae, you will realise that the commitment is never ending for Paul, as long as the opportunities and challenges are pouring in a positive reward.

As a child, Paul grew up with lots of fond memories..He recalls winning a game of chess against his mathematics teacher..He sees every production has a fun time too and learning opportunity and It is normal for actors to admire accomplished actors at the world stage like Hollywood and for Paul, he actually has a long list of actors that he admires...the likes of Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.
Paul started his career in 2011 but has featured in TV Series like Tarima, Lekki Wives, Shuga, Gidi Up and Living Close To You; His short films include Enter the Claxton, Closure, B Negative, The Call and Leeway and his talent has also extended into full length films like Heaven, Requit, Ojuju, Believe...He has actually done quite well for himself and the versatility involved in his talent is commendable..Paul was humble enough to admit that he his still trying to succeed himself...It is an honest opinion for someone who has not reached his peak If you ask me but again he points out that talent and determination and the ability to learn quickly and adapt play a huge part of success.

In his free time, he reads, works out, watches movies and plays basketball. His current project hitting the cinema or your television screen soon includes Apostates, O Town, Plus234, In My Father's House and S.T.I.D.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Nigerian Actress, Eniola Badmus popularly known as Gbogbo Bigs Girls is always proud to flaunt her African figure, with no apologies to anyone...and one thing I admire about her is her eloquence because there are some actresses in the yoruba movie genre of Nollywood that should never be speaking English...Anyway, Eniola took this picture while in New York alongside Rapper, Olamide for an Easter Concert.


How I wish there is a recorded data of how many times the word ''Change'' has been used since the campaign that brought General Muhammadu Buhari to victory...The chant was everywhere; from the radio to television, the social media, public transportations, women and even the little children..It was so much classical noise and truly, It is assumed that the much desired change is here and the expectations are certainly high with everyone on the edge of their seat waiting anxiously for the first manner from heaven...Is it that easy..? Time will certainly tell.

The International Media has praised Nigerians for conducting such a peaceful election and the fact that their votes truly counted. As a Nigerian, I am pleased because I see smiles on the faces of everyone but do you know we have more work to do now than before...what do I mean..? The General and his vice cannot bring change except we make it happen..except we allow it and except we give change that freedom to blossom...If we are not careful as a people, the General will experience certain challenges faced by President Goodluck Jonathan when he also came into office surrounded by people who had a different agenda.

There has been so much accolades pouring in for the General since his victory and every group across the nation is calling his attention to issues that affects them but he is the President-Elect of Nigeria and so, he has to be constructive and thoughtful in his approach to national development as related to current issues on ground.  If we truly want change, PDP should forget about going to the tribunal; If we want change, some Igbos should stop nursing a grudge over Jonathan's loss; If we want change, we should not be selfish about our national desires..This is the time we should all come together as a nation and ensure that the National Assembly at the Federal Level stand for who they are because that is a major part of our national problem.

Change is not a presidential desire, we should help the General by ensuring that those we elect as Local Government Chairman, State Legislators, Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are people who believe in a new Nigeria and not people who will sabotage the mission of the desired change...The General needs us more.

I did not accept that General Buhari should rule us in the first place neither was I sure if Jonathan's return will take the nation higher or take away the poverty in the land...and part of the confusion started with the social media, lots of propaganda everywhere..there was so much heat in the political kitchen and the cooks never stopped purchasing every ingredient that will make the meal sweet for its consumers but I was certainly hopeful for the best...and here we are today...We must move ahead with the General.

If you think you are quite intelligent about your desire for Nigeria based on your academic qualifications or because you work in a high earning firm, you better think wise...Have you heard about street intelligence, things have changed and everyone has woken up from their slumber...I hear a lot of things each time I board a public bus in Lagos and the kind of people that say these things are not your regular kind of intellectuals...What is their mission...''If Buhari does not do well, We will remove him like Jonathan''..that is what I hear everyday.

This is our nation and only us can determine where we take ourselves to...This is the time to support the President-Elect If we truly accept and believe that our votes counted in the quest for change..He needs us more than we need him.