Thursday, 23 April 2015


There are some people you meet in life with a lasting impression that breathes humility all around them and relating with them is quite awesome...Nigerian Model, Kemi Amusan falls into such category of people who are simply pleasant. It is easy to predict that based on her background but against all that, She is striving to make something out of her life. It may surprise you that she is a student of Accountancy at Yaba College of Technology and an Hair Stylist at the same time...Kemi emphasizes that she is an hardworking woman aimed at carving a niche for herself.

Dark skinned Kemi's story is quite inspirational because she was not born with a silver spoon. She was one of those child who never got what she wanted or desired from her parents and that means she must be contented with the little option provided by her parents...Above all, Kemi never blamed her parents, rather, she felt the need and determination to be successful in life each time she sees some rich kids all dressed up in church on Sundays...
When you meet Kemi, She will intimidate you with her height even though she is just at 5.11'..She seems quite long if that is cool to say but she defines a true model when you see her on the runway or striking some creative pose for the camera. This native of Abeokuta believes her background and environment serve as an inspiration to her and might have extended into her career as a professional model and that is why She also desires to change the way Models are treated if given the opportunity.

Kemi Tunrayo Amusan has had various fun moments in her career as a Model which took off in 2012 but the experience at Idanre Hills in Ondo State is one that stays glued to her heart forever, She had an editorial feature on Mania Magazine and she described it as fun, adventurous and awesome. She has worked with the likes of Adebayo Jones(UK), Maki Oh, Weizdhurm Franklin, Bridget Awosika, Grey, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Lisa Folawiyo at the Lagos Fashion Week amongst others...and with just a 3 year career, Kemi has proved her worth by emerging first runner up at the Best Model Nigeria 2014 and Pearl Look 2015 and a nominee at the West Africa Fashion Award..All these have generated media buzz for her as she got an exclusive interview on NTA after the Best Model Nigeria competition.
Hardwork truly pays and will continue to be the bane of success in any human endeavour and out of 70 Models who stepped out for the Pearl Look in Lagos, Kemi emerged first runner up at the end of the day. Certainly, she must have some level of experience within this short period...She says every fresher must learn catwalk. learn how to pose by standing in front of a mirror before you can be confident in front of the camera lens because a Fashion Model for instance has to be strong on the runway and photography...She emphasizes that Models must create standards for themselves.

Its a common knowledge in Nigeria that models are not treated well and so Kemi expressed her dissatisfaction about what they earn in the industry especially for those who have not made a name yet..''Sometimes you stay in the sun for long hours at Castings and that is discouraging'' she says.

Kemi intends to open a beauty house that will feature a salon, make up studio, manicure, pedicure and all other things that can enhance the beauty of a woman but I was quick to ask how she manages to relax amidst the busy schedules in the life of a model...and just like I guessed, she sees movies, swims, regular exercise to stay healthy along with fruits.

An inspiring and motivational part of my interview with her was when she said..''I do not have to accept what life gives me without having a choice, So I can take care of my younger ones and be able to give my children whatever they want as a mother''...It is inspiring for me because It proves and shows a determined woman who is ready to confront all obstacles to make the best use of her life.