Thursday, 9 April 2015


When you enjoy a particular movie, feature or drama and you get an opportunity of meeting any featured actor, Aside going starstruck, Its always nice appreciating their effort in such a project...These guys are quite hardworking I must say and I only hope that they continue to get the precise benefit in their various flicks. Nollywood Actor, Paul Utomi also shared similar opinion in a recent chat with him. ''The industry is constantly growing and evolving but It will be nice to see actors and crew members receiving fees and payments for their services that is at par with other major film producing countries''.

Paul is a multi talented individual who is very committed to his career...It is very easy to swipe and say what is the big deal about that but am not sure some of us understand the intricacies of interpreting scripts and playing a role that is not you and according to him, every character comes with its own unique set of challenges. Acting is fun and enjoyable he says but requires a bit of effort. He emphasizes that every actor should strive to entertain and also give the audience a sense of satisfaction.

This dark skinned Model studied Economics at the Lagos State University and took a course in Acting and Directing but how did he come about that career...? Paul says he has always been drawn to the magic of, Its just kind of happened that such a feeling about films could end up being a source of your daily existence and a look at his personae, you will realise that the commitment is never ending for Paul, as long as the opportunities and challenges are pouring in a positive reward.

As a child, Paul grew up with lots of fond memories..He recalls winning a game of chess against his mathematics teacher..He sees every production has a fun time too and learning opportunity and It is normal for actors to admire accomplished actors at the world stage like Hollywood and for Paul, he actually has a long list of actors that he admires...the likes of Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.
Paul started his career in 2011 but has featured in TV Series like Tarima, Lekki Wives, Shuga, Gidi Up and Living Close To You; His short films include Enter the Claxton, Closure, B Negative, The Call and Leeway and his talent has also extended into full length films like Heaven, Requit, Ojuju, Believe...He has actually done quite well for himself and the versatility involved in his talent is commendable..Paul was humble enough to admit that he his still trying to succeed himself...It is an honest opinion for someone who has not reached his peak If you ask me but again he points out that talent and determination and the ability to learn quickly and adapt play a huge part of success.

In his free time, he reads, works out, watches movies and plays basketball. His current project hitting the cinema or your television screen soon includes Apostates, O Town, Plus234, In My Father's House and S.T.I.D.