Sunday, 5 April 2015


How I wish there is a recorded data of how many times the word ''Change'' has been used since the campaign that brought General Muhammadu Buhari to victory...The chant was everywhere; from the radio to television, the social media, public transportations, women and even the little children..It was so much classical noise and truly, It is assumed that the much desired change is here and the expectations are certainly high with everyone on the edge of their seat waiting anxiously for the first manner from heaven...Is it that easy..? Time will certainly tell.

The International Media has praised Nigerians for conducting such a peaceful election and the fact that their votes truly counted. As a Nigerian, I am pleased because I see smiles on the faces of everyone but do you know we have more work to do now than before...what do I mean..? The General and his vice cannot bring change except we make it happen..except we allow it and except we give change that freedom to blossom...If we are not careful as a people, the General will experience certain challenges faced by President Goodluck Jonathan when he also came into office surrounded by people who had a different agenda.

There has been so much accolades pouring in for the General since his victory and every group across the nation is calling his attention to issues that affects them but he is the President-Elect of Nigeria and so, he has to be constructive and thoughtful in his approach to national development as related to current issues on ground.  If we truly want change, PDP should forget about going to the tribunal; If we want change, some Igbos should stop nursing a grudge over Jonathan's loss; If we want change, we should not be selfish about our national desires..This is the time we should all come together as a nation and ensure that the National Assembly at the Federal Level stand for who they are because that is a major part of our national problem.

Change is not a presidential desire, we should help the General by ensuring that those we elect as Local Government Chairman, State Legislators, Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are people who believe in a new Nigeria and not people who will sabotage the mission of the desired change...The General needs us more.

I did not accept that General Buhari should rule us in the first place neither was I sure if Jonathan's return will take the nation higher or take away the poverty in the land...and part of the confusion started with the social media, lots of propaganda everywhere..there was so much heat in the political kitchen and the cooks never stopped purchasing every ingredient that will make the meal sweet for its consumers but I was certainly hopeful for the best...and here we are today...We must move ahead with the General.

If you think you are quite intelligent about your desire for Nigeria based on your academic qualifications or because you work in a high earning firm, you better think wise...Have you heard about street intelligence, things have changed and everyone has woken up from their slumber...I hear a lot of things each time I board a public bus in Lagos and the kind of people that say these things are not your regular kind of intellectuals...What is their mission...''If Buhari does not do well, We will remove him like Jonathan''..that is what I hear everyday.

This is our nation and only us can determine where we take ourselves to...This is the time to support the President-Elect If we truly accept and believe that our votes counted in the quest for change..He needs us more than we need him.