Thursday, 9 April 2015


Just like we had in the Presidential election where focus was mainly on two popular candidates from the PDP and APC...Lagos State is in similar state too as elections hold this Saturday and there has been so many campaign tours to various local governments across the city of excellence. Lagosians will decide the new occupant of the State House, Marina by electing their choice between Akinwunmu Ambode of All Progressive Congress and Jimi Agbaje of Peoples Democratic Party. Is this really a tough one..? Well, One cannot really conclude because there are several factors that might go for or against any candidate at the polls.

Lagos is a cosmopolitan state filled with diverse people with various ideologies about how governance should function and so, some votes will be based on personality, there will be votes based on party loyalty, incumbent's achievements and the most recent was a controversial statement from a top Monarch in Lagos...Many described it as the last straw that broke the Carmel's back...and so, majority who did not participate at the Presidential election are geared to vote this time around for their candidate. This means that we are likely to have more accredited voters on Saturday.

What does Lagos really need now...? Is it continuity or a change too..?. It is very fair to stand on the line of the present administration based on their various developmental projects, some of which are yet to be completed...but again, Has Lagos really felt a total transformation or Is it just a government for a selected group of citizens...?  I am hopeful for a genuine result based on the choice of the citizens and the chant about ''We will remove them if they do not perform'' has not melted away...It shows that the electorates of today are fully aware about their participation at the electoral process in their country.

Who will take the mantle of authority as the number one citizen...? Is it an Accountant or a Pharmacist...? By the way, Has anyone seen the wives of these two candidates lately; at a campaign or somewhere beside their aspiring governor?...Anyway, I look forward to a better Lagos too just like Nigeria and there are certain interiors in Lagos that needs to be looked at...I will not go into that now but am sure these two candidates know what they are in for...Things have changed, citizens are fully awake like watch dogs Journalists vis a vis social media trends.

They are both qualified as a governor and I must commend Jimi Agbaje as he has never given up on being the Governor of the commercial heartbeat of Nigeria, Lagos...just like the President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari...I want to also acknowledge other candidates who have put various strategic efforts at this election even though some posters will definitely not move many of us to cast our vote for such a party...but we must appreciate them for standing up as fellow candidates.

...And the world will be watching us, International media organizations and the social media will all be alive monitoring the governorship election in Lagos...I have no idea about the outcome but may the best man win...the man that will take Lasgidi to a different level, the man that will not be biased in carrying out his duties as governor...A man that fears God and respects the votes of his citizens...Who is that Man...?