Sunday, 7 June 2015


Lagos is the center of excellence and everything within it is just excellent...I should say perfect but let me just leave it that way...I had an excellent experience on Saturday but not a 'Saturday nite fever' thingy but something more awesome. At about 20.00hrs GMT(8PM) in the company of friends, we drove to a joint/bar/spot or fill in any other name around Victoria Island...Now, I am not a football fan by some standards even though I have an idea of the game around the globe but I do not wear club jerseys to work after a weekend game just like a colleague of mine...I mean...who starts the week on a jersey anyway...?

Back to the matter...we took a spot and our table was prepared by a short dark man who immediately asked us for our choices...I went for Orijin because some colleagues of mine had ordered it for me before at one of our 'after-work-treats' but this time I went for a big bottle the way, the drink no bad at all....I actually thought it was just getting drinks and watching the finale of the champions league match between Juventus and Barcelona...the spirit was high as fans engaged in analysis as the game went on, even the bar owner who happens to be a woman was not left out of the football drama...Her bet was on Barcelona actually.

Ok!...My friend ordered for Isi Ewu (Goat Head) and It took a while before it arrived but we were gisting, drinking and watching the match while we await the African delicacy toh bad...Isi Ewu finally came and immediately I watched my hands and straight road with no Road Safety or Lastma to check me...I think its cool watching these live games at a bar because you get to feel the pulse of fans and I did enjoy the match...the Juventus guys actually left when they saw that there was no remedy to their downfall...

Well, I did not have more than one bottle because you might be expecting to explain how they helped me to the car...One bottle was enough to do the nite and mehhhhn...the Isi Ewu na die. Lagos is truly a center of excellent things