Saturday, 6 June 2015


Mavin Records is one of the highly rated labels in Nigeria which comprises of the big boss, Don Jazzy, his brother, D'Prince, Dr. Sid, Korede Bello, Tiwa Savage, Di Ja and Ricardo Banks...As we know, Mavin was initially known as Mo Hits and am sure everyone felt the beats and videos being produced under that label back in the days. From Bangalee to Wande, It was always mind blowing but today, Is something wrong with their level of creativity because it seems they are loosing ideas about their music videos.

I do appreciate some of the videos being released under the Mavins but after viewing the Korede Bello's Godwin...I was having a doubt about these guys holding on to the baton for long..Do not get me wrong, after hearing the song played in my head over and over, I had to submit myself to the control of the beats and lyrics because It was soul lifting and quite inspirational and that brings me to the video.

Personally, you do not need to show me diverse activities of God winning because It seemed like a cliche concept of some of our gospel videos..What happened to having a story line defined by the life of Korede Bello himself..he should have revealed God's strengths and achievements in his life..after all, his fans backed him up when he performed in a church...This video should have been Korede's way of showing his 'surulere' to the public...The video had a commercial face and nothing to inspire me...I will only dance and watch how you parade various people interpreting God's favor...What happens after then....?

Korede Bello is a very talented artiste and this should have been his moment; why parade celebrities all in the name of commercializing this video..they actually had no connection with him in the video and to the technicalities..the camera angles were very flat, the locations did not breathe 'Godwin'. Thumbs up to the two female dancers in the video...I wonder why none of Korede Bello's family like his parents or close friends were not used in this video...Will this video sustain its glory for long, well, I do know that the so called 'media friends' would feed on it for a while before they munch on another great success but as for the lyrics, I believe it is something we all want to wake up to and dance before God.

This video is of average..I will only follow through because I like the lyrics which I initially beefed before...there was so much noise about it when It was released but after listening over and over..I had to subject to it. Mavin could have done better...