Friday, 3 July 2015


My love for photography can be equated for how I feel about a good meal...This is one career I find quite interesting because of the way moods are interpreted by one face via a simple flash of light and Photography can be practiced anywhere...I believe its all about the tools and creativity involved. I found an interesting personality who has been in the business of photography since 2001 and I actually thought he was a model but I simply describe him as a model's sure some models cannot give a pose as dope as this.

Eric Ganison is a young ambitious creative photographer who found his true call in photography and he is a self-taught photographer. His level of creativity is not just around the power of the lens and poses, Texas based Eric is also inspired through music, fashion and he has travelled to countries like China, France, Japan and Taiwan. If you think photography comes easy, then you need to think twice because it also comes with its own challenges and for Eric, he ensures to keep his work current with fresh ideas, concepts and new lightning techniques during every shoot.
 This talented young man says for every person who desires to pursue a career in photography, you need to be patient as an individual, be skillful and a very strong level of networking and I was quick to ask If this was a profitable career path.?..Well, It can be very profitable.He admires great photographers like Michael David Adam, Steven Meisel and Steven Klien. When Eric is not at the studio creating some magic with his hands and eyes, He loves to relax, cook and watch movies.We also talked about ruling the United States for 24 hours If given the opportunity and interestingly, He would want to focus on child hunger...

One of his fond memories about growing up was hanging out with his sisters and most importantly, going fishing with his dad...He also added that parents can do more to help their children with their career choices...For Eric, Photography has been good and fruitful as he went further in 2012 to start his own underwear and swimwear brand...This is one brand that is fast rising and much talked about...basically, the creator is a very humble and friendly individual who considers his client first in everything he does...If you want to know more about this unique brand in the business of photography, you can visit and If you are much interested in the underwears and swimwear, simply check out