Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Success has lots of friends and foes but against all that, some matured people just take it as another stepping stone. EMPIRE is one television series that has stolen the hearts of many including me and though some people have argued that there's nothing extraordinary about the story...they might be right but when it comes to right casting and balanced dialogue, EMPIRE hits it hard for me. This is actually not about the huge success and popularity of this series but the various lawsuits that have been emerging from all corners against the producers and the television network in charge of production.

The present lawsuit is by Jon Astor-White, owner of a Las Vegas based media outfit who claims that his 2007 idea is what is being enjoyed by millions of people across the world and I asked myself, why did you wait till now before you had to cry out...the power of success can be a hard pill for some people to swallow. Anyway, If he gets through successfully, we are looking at his account getting an additional $500 million alongside damages that must also be paid.

Jon claims to have titled his idea as King Solomon in 2007 and passed on a network and feels it must have leaked from there...I hope my EMPIRE would survive all of these because there has been three other suits before now...a certain record label named empire distribution wanted producers of the show to drop the name but that was overcomes, another $1billion suit was filed against the producers and not forgetting a $300 million suit filed by Sophia Eggleston who claimed that the Cookie identity and story was mirrored after her life events.

Meanwhile, all lovers of Empire should please prepare to get thrilled and entertained as the second season will begin next month but as for the lawsuits, am sure it's just a phase and will surely fade away.