Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The showbiz industry in Nigeria has continued to produce new brands into various areas such as television, drama, music, fashion and in fact, some have actually combined all into one trade based on certain privileges they are enjoying either as discoveries or winners of a talent show. Big Brother Africa star, Tayo Faniran is one of those people currently capitalizing on his time at the highly watched reality show as he has been casted as a part time cover for newly wed Gbenro Ajibade who is on a post-marriage vacation widely known as honeymoon.

Tinsel is a highly rated and award winning television series and is noted for great talents who know their skills very well as an actor but I do have my reservations about Tayo's choice...was it based on his status as a celebrity, does he have a track record of acting or somehow, it is assumed he is a better looking version of Soji as played by Gbenro...?

He is an accomplished model, a fashion designer and creative artiste but I still have my reservations when he presents on African Magic...Tayo is fair as a presenter but can he do better as an actor? Will he live up to expectation and shock his critics even though it will only be to his advantage as more producers will keep their eyes on him and then the deception continues when producers call for audition but actually have their choices...the likes of Tayo will not stay up in queue for long trust me...

If I think along with the Tinsel team, Tayo actually has similar mannerisms like Soji and am sure he was picked based on that and not necessarily his acting prowess...Meanwhile, Gbenro and his wife Osas actually met on the set of Tinsel before deciding to do a for better for worse thingy and Gbenro might just decide to move to other things after the honeymoon because marriage can change a lot of things.

TINSEL is actually more than a drama as it is also a haven for finding true love because most of the actors spend longer hours together...