Sunday, 23 August 2015


A woman is a phenomenal being that can bring about a positive development to a family and society. She is a strong pillar and I respect a woman, more so, when you think about the saying; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but one thing that can kill both man and woman is attitude.

Some people say I do have an attitude but I do not agree even though it might just be an opinion. I boarded a commercial bus today and a dark young lady with no ear rings sat directly beside me...and as we journeyed, she asked me if I have a hundred naira to balance a fair of two hundred naira; we were heading to Oshodi and I said no...well, I actually had just a two hundred naira on me aside a 1000 naira, she asked two other guys until a man beside me offered to help...I can't even remember if she said thank you...anyway, what led me to write about this was when she started a "style me" show in the bus, first she fixed her ear rings and then started to use her two hands to brush her hair backwards...

She continued until the man behind her had to tap her to take it easy with what she was doing but to my greatest surprise, she called his bluf and told him never to touch her again...Like seriously, you need to see the look of this diva or is it her appearance...the man was about to hit her but she never cared...I was glad I didn't help her with the 100 box because I will be very might not be an attitude but truth is a lot of us in Nigeria need to constantly visit a shrink who will help us through a lot of drama in our lives.