Sunday, 23 August 2015


The lyrics in my head this morning after I had my morning prayer was the quest for change...that change to keep doing what I actually love doing because some people believe in what I do and so I thought about my country....are we about to destroy this country or what? We asked for change but yet will not let this government work. I do not care if this present administration wants to use its four years to probe because sometimes you need to trace back your steps to rebuild and look around the world for a minute and tell me if Nigeria does not need that...?

Yes I do understand the feeling of having a complete uninterrupted three square meal, free education, free transportation perhaps and incomes of 8 figures...they do not come easy? If we never wanted to be in this mess, we should have seen the future instead of running from pillar to post now and that means tracking back to 1960 but am sure there's no need crying over a split milk.

Ironically, the voice of change has filled up the legislative houses and has that even brought the needed change...? Well, like my Yoruba people will say "the weep being used to beat the elder wife is the same that will be used for the wife..." when the law takes its true place as being requested by some people, do not forget that it will come back hunting you too...Am sure some readers know what I mean...let us just hope, watch and pray that they get things right probing or no probing.

For those of us who see and believe in a better Nigeria, do not give up on that...For those who want to give President Buhari blood pressure, it is well with you...I believe Nigeria is working and will work, corruption or no have done your part to vote but do not become completely manipulative just because it is called a democratic system, remember, there's a due process and wait a minute...we must be fools thinking change will happen overnight...Am done!