Friday, 4 December 2015


Every child deserves to be great in life especially when they are inspired by great people around them and others have found greatness in their quest of finding themselves...Izuchukwu Charles Anoliefo is one of those young Nigerians who has identified with greatness in the business of showbiz and it gets more interesting because he is a graduate of Computer Science with an ongoing career in the banking world. As a young boy from the Eastern part of Nigeria, He grew up being inspired by a father who is a businessman and that was a plus to his strength just like his words ''There is a drive in me to be heard and seen for positive things''.

I had an interesting chat with Izuchukwu who recently returned from Surabaya, Indonesia where he represented Nigeria for 2 weeks at the Mr Universal Ambassador and finished 2nd runner up. He won best world speech competition with a thrilling human right speech on racism and was also top 5 in talent competition. All these achievements can have their trace back to Nigeria when he competed amongst the best men in the country for the title of Mr.Nigeria 2014 where he learnt more about confidence, intelligence, good looks, facing the camera, stage presence and lots more...and on reaching Indonesia, he was not scared of being himself..He says ''I knew I was special and have a chance of winning like everyone else''...The rest like they say is history....
Being a runner up, Izuchukwu is embarking on a pet project which is a usual agenda among top pageant winners around the world, He calls his project-Food and Fitness Foundation which is meant to reach out to the masses in need of food and give fitness advise to promote healthy living, and how more can we be influenced by eating and living well from a man who looks very much like his foundation and who also won the neatest boy in his primary school...investors and philanthropists across the globe would certainly find his project worthy of interest.

This native of Abatete in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State in Nigeria is 6 ft. 2 inches tall and he is the last child in a family of seven children. Izuchukwu is always smiling even though he has a reserved nature but he is also down to earth, hardworking, honest and passionate about his dreams which is very evident in this pursuit for greatness.
For Izuchukwu, a million dollars cannot purchase the fun he had while in Indonesia as he described it as memorable; he had the opportunity of visiting the various tourist attractions, having a good feel of the hospitable nature of the citizens as they made them feel at home like princes and seeing a volcano for the first time at Mount Bromo was a special moment for him. It may interest you that Izuchukwu had a first shot at pageantry in 2011 when he competed for the title of Mr Ideal Nigeria where he emerged second with the title of Mr. Ideal Tourism and he admitted that having the full support of your family in what you do is very important and so for him, family is everything because that is what has kept him going.

It is very easy to conclude that most competitors in pageant shows usually have a foundation in modelling or take up such a career after the experience of the show...Izuchukwu describes his growth in modelling like a child growing into a real man, he emphasized that  for every stage in life, there is a job for you as a model and so, he has tasted the various sides of modelling; from prints, catalogs, billboards, fashion shows to commercials. He added that it is a continuous hustle in the industry as you have to keep improving on your craft and hoping for more jobs as you grow...

Izuchukwu revealed a spirited side while interacting with him as he enjoins people to take it on celebrities because they are human. He admits the God factor in every endeavor ventured into even though some people see the showbiz as a less serious line of career. He added that while in Indonesia, Nigeria was never predicted to be in the top 10 but he was glad at the end of the day being a runner up. He was more investors in the country to come out and support talented young people as they need to be encouraged.

I could not end the interaction without getting a last word which is related to his legacies and I was not surprised when he still emphasized on his drive towards good living for all, staying fit and looking great...Though Izuchukwu is back to his regular job as a banker, the world is certainly on the look out at the accomplishments ahead of him because of the dedication and hard work that is being put into actualizing the projects before him.