Saturday, 9 January 2016


As a little child, we must have been in that realm where our parents will casually ask us what we would like to be in future or even our teachers in school will randomly throw such questions at us in the course of our regular classes...However, It is important for a child to find his right path to being a successful person early enough but there are occasions when some parents frown at a particular course of life a child intends to pursue. For Samuel Ajibola, his story is completely interesting as he started acting at the age of 6.

If you follow the humorous television series, The Johnsons, then you must have encountered a character by name ''Spiff''' played out by young, funny and rising star, Samuel Ajibola. I was opportuned to have an interaction with him and narrated his journey into acting so far...This native of Ekiti State is actually a graduate of political science from the prestigious University of Lagos, famously noted for producing lots of showbiz personalities in Nollywood. He did not lay back and rode on being talented enough but he holds a Diploma in Acting from the Centre for Excellence in Film and Media Studies.

Samuel says ''I don't like to say I chose acting, I like to say acting chose me. Every time I remember the circumstances in which I started acting, It's evident that as a kid, I did not wish to be an actor, It just found me''. The power of encouragement surely went a long way in the life of little 6 year old Samuel who played out the famous biblical Samuel in a Church drama...the outcome led him to his first movie casting of Opa Williams for his movie, Tears for Love in 1995 and it has been a jolly good ride and he admits it as the only thing he wants do all the time.
It is expected for challenges to occur as a young child actor who is trying to develop against all odds; He had to repeat a class in secondary school because of his high demand back then and like typical Nigerian Parents, a break came in to his acting career in 2003 for the sake of his education and he returned in 2009 but surprisingly, the industry had changed...No one knew that young Samuel again, so many new great stars have been birthed...Samuel did not give up and so he decided to start from the bottom again, alas, he is even much more bigger now than he was as a child actor...

With his level of tenacity, spirit and determination to the best always, I had to ask if he has a way of correcting some ills in the industry if given the opportunity of leadership...Samuel is actually concerned about writing scripts to fit just the young adults, He claims that over 80% of Nollywood films today are about young couples or people within the age of 25 - 35, which gives little or no chance to something substantial getting to others. He says ''I want to see films that have kids or elderly people as the main characters all through''.
Samuel is one of those people who missed their childhood...He reminisced about the fame he had as a little boy growing up in Surulere, call it the entertainment city of Nigeria and you should not be wrong...Despite being the first born of four kids, which comes with some responsibilities, Samuel confesses he had the time of his life as a kid and life was never boring growing up in Surulere, Lagos. Being a native of Ekiti simply makes him a lover of Pounded yam but that is not his only love...He plays the Piano, Recorder and Drums...simply a lover of music.

Take no offence but Samuel confidently calls himself a perfectionist, overly focused, ambitious and committed to work which all drives his passion for acting as reflected in every character he plays on the screen. This is one individual who continually strives to be the best, never satisfied with the second position and that means distractions do not have their way in his quest for being the first always...He adds ''I like to go where people cannot go, I like to do things people find difficult''.
 Do not feel disappointed if Samuel does not have one of your favorite A-List Actors as a mentor...a feeling that can be drawn from his style of training and his perfectionist nature makes him look up to the very best in the business and certainly, Hollywood comes to mind in that regard; the likes of black Actor Denzel Washington, 66 year old Actress Meryl Streep, English actor Daniel Day-Lewis and Top rated Actor Johnny Depp. A constant feeling of joy and fulfillment Samuel does have everyday is the massive positive feedback he gets for playing the character ''Spiff'''. Do you also know Samuel is an award winner for best actor in a short film at the 2015 InShort Film Festival, He also recounts the death of prolific film maker, Amaka Igwe as his worst moment in the industry.

Samuel Ajibola wants to be known as the Actor who can perfectly interpret he loves to give different characterization to each character being played and that involves a lot of commitment...does he have time to relax and catch some fun...? Yes..but He is mostly indoors watching some good films and with some food to go with...
Being on The Johnsons has opened lots of doors for Samuel, He is currently on 4th season with the television series and more opportunities are coming this year and will embark on them after filming with The Johnsons ends by January 2016