Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Well, Olajumoke has arrived in full definition...Did you say who is Olajumoke..? If you are still not sure, you are sitting, standing and squatting on a long She is the 27 year old bread seller who appeared in a photo shoot by Ty Bello that made everyone curious...the social media went buzzing for her demand and here she is today....I can say Tubaba's grass to grace album is still relevant... Before I talk about this look, Olajumoke has reunited with her husband in Lagos, after she left him with her son back in Osun State and moved to Lagos for a real hustle...Reports also shows that her family will be supported with an accommodation and the education of the children are secured.
The light has truly shined on her as Few modelling agency based in Lagos has signed her alongside other training opportunities regarding hair making and styling with Make Me also based in Lagos. Surprisingly, the deals have started rolling in as Online retailer Payporte has indicated interest in featuring Olajumoke in their next billboard campaign. She also has an interest in becoming a Yoruba movie actress, a door that would soon be opened. According to Ty Bello, she will be a hit in the movie industry as she was awesome in front of the camera and understood how to work the tiniest emotional nuances..., Jumoke cannot speak lots of English but she can read and write in Yoruba.
Now, I have been seeing various style transition going on and I am not too cool about the huge level of transformation happening...I take a bow for Bimpe Onakoya, Zubby and Ty Bello's creative touch that still kept her natural look...I am not in the business of styling and make up but I do prefer the previous look than what I am presently viewing with the agency that signed her up.
I fear we might not recognize her again...because the transformation might be too excessive as the agency would be tasking her up for several jobs since she is currently hot in the market...She looks absolutely different in this new pictures but my eyes are still on that shoot by Ty Bello.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


The Internet has been buzzing since morning about Olajumoke Orisaguna and I really cannot help writing about it. There is no point trying to copy and paste just like most bloggers but It is time to reflect on humanity from a Nigerian perspective...this great lift done by Professional Photographer, Ty Bello is a very usual culture in Hollywood where stars are discovered in the most weird condition of not get me wrong, I know there are a few Nigerians who are philanthropist by virtue of their wealth and struggle to be great but It is very rare...This is a true definition of a virtuous woman in whom Olajumoke has found something that will forever put more than ''Agege bread'' on her table.
For those of you who are still blank about this great story..She is Jumoke, a 27 year old woman who was selling bread on the streets of Lagos while Ty Bello was photographing Tinie Tempah for a This Day Style cover shoot and when the photos were published on social media, everyone kept asking about her...more like who is this a stunning way I believe...The effect was massive as a campaign to find her commenced and as fate would have it..This is what we have as the outcome...Ty Bello along with Make up Artist, Bimpe Onakoya and Zubby Definition created the next super model...Interestingly, a mother of two.
Here's a little excerpt from 360nobs on Ty Bello's moving tale of Jumoke...''My main subject of interest was the Okada driver that had slowed down just before she arrived. Okada riders have that cool Lagos vibe and always happen to add a bit of swag to street portraits. I was wrong to have paid her such little attention. Every frame with her in it was perfect...I had found a second subject in the Tinnie's story...Digitally I made the red in her dress match @tiniegram sleeves to create a connection between them. When the magazine came out and the images hit social media, I was proven right this girl split the limelight with the main subject effortlessly...questions and comments started to fly; was she a model ? How did we convince the model to balance all that bread on her head''
The time has come for us to reach out to every young Nigerian out there who has a burning passion for your kind of career...make yourself free to approach and stop swelling up like a bread soaked with water each time you are being approached at malls or anywhere...It is time to give back to society and you will be amazed at how you will be remembered, even when you depart this world...Ty Bello is laying her own legacy and It spreads like fire into the children of Olajumoke...It is time for Movie producers to take some time to scout for talents beyond their reach...It is time for music producers to attend various worship centres and give a life to that hidden voice who might be shy to approach anyone...I am just inspired! I am sure Iya Ibeji (Ty Bello) did not give Jumoke any money but she has opened the door to money because If an ''ordinary'' girl can come out this way, how much more she goes through professional training in modeling.?..God bless Ty Bello and everyone who pushed Jumoke to this point...


The Lagos Marathon has come and gone but the memories will continue to linger in the minds of the competitors, participants, observers and viewers like us...My residence was not close to the point of take off and so I had to watch it live on Television.I was happy seeing the turn out and I felt glad that despite every challenge confronting our survival as Nigerians, Many still made time to partake...reports shows that a woman in her late 60s also completed the 43Km race...As usual, It was easily predicted the countries that would emerge winners but majority of Nigerians simply took this as a way to exercise and network as some people made new friends.

I would implore our government at the state and federal level to see and use sporting activities as a way to bring Nigerians together; Marathon is not about your tribe, It is about fitness and laurels..Certificates were even given to every participant...There are various sports to tap into and not just the regular football fiestas.

I know a lot of people had fun and there are some people who are not used to such a race; they are currently in a state of rest at home now but I guess It was good for their body..some observers in a particular neighborhood were also kind enough to give out water to some participants....I would commend the Lagos State Government and Access Bank for this great feat and I hope this can continue because a lot of people will be looking forward to it...

Nigerians are happy when there is something that takes them out of their usual lifestyle...and sports will always top that list for me...Congrats If you made to the Eko Atlantic City Centre which happens to be the finish line and for others who did not finish...I guess you are better off...because I was running mine at home.


Let me start by giving much respect to the students and ex students of this great institution...I would not have mentioned the name however, the story or gist is better interesting with the name..why..? follow me in this funny and hilarious piece...By the way, they should have not mentioned their school...

My weekend is usually indoors but I decided to have an hair cut in the evening and I would have to board a commercial vehicle to do that and so I boarded our very air conditioned rapid bus transit...usually, the kind of discussions or arguments you will encounter in this bus are topics relating to sport, politics, governance and random conversations but on this very day, It was beyond my mental capacity...six gorgeously dressed ladies in an ''Aso Ebi'' fabric were in the upper chamber of the bus with me and It was evident they were coming from a wedding ceremony of their classmate...How did I know...? That is how far their gist and gossip went...Ok..Let me rewind....

Well, It is not any business of mine but I could not help but flow with the gist and made sure I put it into writing...I know students of my school can behave in such a manner but until then, these ladies said everything that can be said in a silent corner of a room...If you were an investigative officer of an agency, you will certainly have a fabulous day with lots of information...from names of their lecturers who wanted to have intimacy with them to their escapades in relationships....

Where am I headed...? If these set of ladies were a representation of the entire school...then, there is a problem somewhere...they certainly look fine but lack manners...a public one! Did they make me laugh..? I tried not to because I did not want to distract their flow...literally, their entire campus and family cycle was brought on board...I call them market women...

Now, let me give straight up key observations...They called semen 'Viju Milk', I know some of you know what 'Customer dada' means...They practically demonstrated how a particular lecturer romanced them...They gave names of every individual relevant in their conversation which I will not mention here. I got to know the names of these ladies without asking them and other students of their department...They are running a National Diploma programme...They gave names of their lecturers; the good, the bad and the ugly ones..They gave a graphic description of the wedding ceremony and everything that happened..They used  lots of vulgar and curse words...Let me stop here because I had to mind my business by alighting from the bus...

Do not throw away the baby with the bath water they say...but these ones I might reconsider because quite a lot were displeased at their manners...Ironically, No one hushed them and for a second, they did not deem it fit to think deep about where they were..obviously, they were the only set of people having a lousy conversation in a public vehicle...By the way, Is YabaTech on academic strike...? Do not ask me where I got that from...

Thursday, 4 February 2016


It seems like 2016 is a year for the entertainment world...putting aside the beefs and the drama happening all around the nation, Some smart producers and creative entrepreneurs are busy cooking great projects and one of them is in the kitchen and some of the best ingredients of actors are coming together to wow everyone...Welcome to ''Kumbaya'' and Nollywood's young actor, Aaron Sunday is fortunate enough to be part of this project where he will feature alongside great talents with years of experience; Lanre Hassan (Iya Awero), Kate Henshaw, Yemi Solade and Ronke Ojo...and not forgetting Deji Boroffice, Imo Chimezie, Ifeoma and talented singer, Essence.

''Kumbaya'' is actually a musical fiction; story of Alexander Coker who becomes pregnant and remains a mystery because she has never been sexually involved with a man. This leads to an ejection from home by her preacher Father and then ends up with Linda, a club singer and Jay, her son. Fate smiled on Alexas she becomes a secular musical icon but the pregnancy remains a puzzle to be solved until Jay's sexual identity crisis leads her back home with a baby and the man she loves
This is Aaron's first movie of the year and it is a great privilege to be recommended based on your talent and level of experience...Aaron met with the producer, Ademilola Praise where all necessary documents were signed including schedules and script for this English musical story. Reheasals have started in earnest and I want to believe Nigerians and the world should get ready to be blown away...This movie will be directed by Bode Odeyemi who is well known for his creative delivery on Gulder Ultimate Search.