Sunday, 7 February 2016


The Lagos Marathon has come and gone but the memories will continue to linger in the minds of the competitors, participants, observers and viewers like us...My residence was not close to the point of take off and so I had to watch it live on Television.I was happy seeing the turn out and I felt glad that despite every challenge confronting our survival as Nigerians, Many still made time to partake...reports shows that a woman in her late 60s also completed the 43Km race...As usual, It was easily predicted the countries that would emerge winners but majority of Nigerians simply took this as a way to exercise and network as some people made new friends.

I would implore our government at the state and federal level to see and use sporting activities as a way to bring Nigerians together; Marathon is not about your tribe, It is about fitness and laurels..Certificates were even given to every participant...There are various sports to tap into and not just the regular football fiestas.

I know a lot of people had fun and there are some people who are not used to such a race; they are currently in a state of rest at home now but I guess It was good for their body..some observers in a particular neighborhood were also kind enough to give out water to some participants....I would commend the Lagos State Government and Access Bank for this great feat and I hope this can continue because a lot of people will be looking forward to it...

Nigerians are happy when there is something that takes them out of their usual lifestyle...and sports will always top that list for me...Congrats If you made to the Eko Atlantic City Centre which happens to be the finish line and for others who did not finish...I guess you are better off...because I was running mine at home.