Sunday, 7 February 2016


The Internet has been buzzing since morning about Olajumoke Orisaguna and I really cannot help writing about it. There is no point trying to copy and paste just like most bloggers but It is time to reflect on humanity from a Nigerian perspective...this great lift done by Professional Photographer, Ty Bello is a very usual culture in Hollywood where stars are discovered in the most weird condition of not get me wrong, I know there are a few Nigerians who are philanthropist by virtue of their wealth and struggle to be great but It is very rare...This is a true definition of a virtuous woman in whom Olajumoke has found something that will forever put more than ''Agege bread'' on her table.
For those of you who are still blank about this great story..She is Jumoke, a 27 year old woman who was selling bread on the streets of Lagos while Ty Bello was photographing Tinie Tempah for a This Day Style cover shoot and when the photos were published on social media, everyone kept asking about her...more like who is this a stunning way I believe...The effect was massive as a campaign to find her commenced and as fate would have it..This is what we have as the outcome...Ty Bello along with Make up Artist, Bimpe Onakoya and Zubby Definition created the next super model...Interestingly, a mother of two.
Here's a little excerpt from 360nobs on Ty Bello's moving tale of Jumoke...''My main subject of interest was the Okada driver that had slowed down just before she arrived. Okada riders have that cool Lagos vibe and always happen to add a bit of swag to street portraits. I was wrong to have paid her such little attention. Every frame with her in it was perfect...I had found a second subject in the Tinnie's story...Digitally I made the red in her dress match @tiniegram sleeves to create a connection between them. When the magazine came out and the images hit social media, I was proven right this girl split the limelight with the main subject effortlessly...questions and comments started to fly; was she a model ? How did we convince the model to balance all that bread on her head''
The time has come for us to reach out to every young Nigerian out there who has a burning passion for your kind of career...make yourself free to approach and stop swelling up like a bread soaked with water each time you are being approached at malls or anywhere...It is time to give back to society and you will be amazed at how you will be remembered, even when you depart this world...Ty Bello is laying her own legacy and It spreads like fire into the children of Olajumoke...It is time for Movie producers to take some time to scout for talents beyond their reach...It is time for music producers to attend various worship centres and give a life to that hidden voice who might be shy to approach anyone...I am just inspired! I am sure Iya Ibeji (Ty Bello) did not give Jumoke any money but she has opened the door to money because If an ''ordinary'' girl can come out this way, how much more she goes through professional training in modeling.?..God bless Ty Bello and everyone who pushed Jumoke to this point...