Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Well, Olajumoke has arrived in full definition...Did you say who is Olajumoke..? If you are still not sure, you are sitting, standing and squatting on a long She is the 27 year old bread seller who appeared in a photo shoot by Ty Bello that made everyone curious...the social media went buzzing for her demand and here she is today....I can say Tubaba's grass to grace album is still relevant... Before I talk about this look, Olajumoke has reunited with her husband in Lagos, after she left him with her son back in Osun State and moved to Lagos for a real hustle...Reports also shows that her family will be supported with an accommodation and the education of the children are secured.
The light has truly shined on her as Few modelling agency based in Lagos has signed her alongside other training opportunities regarding hair making and styling with Make Me also based in Lagos. Surprisingly, the deals have started rolling in as Online retailer Payporte has indicated interest in featuring Olajumoke in their next billboard campaign. She also has an interest in becoming a Yoruba movie actress, a door that would soon be opened. According to Ty Bello, she will be a hit in the movie industry as she was awesome in front of the camera and understood how to work the tiniest emotional nuances..., Jumoke cannot speak lots of English but she can read and write in Yoruba.
Now, I have been seeing various style transition going on and I am not too cool about the huge level of transformation happening...I take a bow for Bimpe Onakoya, Zubby and Ty Bello's creative touch that still kept her natural look...I am not in the business of styling and make up but I do prefer the previous look than what I am presently viewing with the agency that signed her up.
I fear we might not recognize her again...because the transformation might be too excessive as the agency would be tasking her up for several jobs since she is currently hot in the market...She looks absolutely different in this new pictures but my eyes are still on that shoot by Ty Bello.