Saturday, 19 March 2016


The creative world of SinmileOluwa Hassan is a versatile one because when you are talented enough to try your hands on various careers...and good at it, nothing should stop such an individual from reaching the peak in life...Sinmi is an On Air Personality with Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1 FM and he has been consistent along with a team in providing the Lagos populace with information especially on traffic; listeners are advised on the best route to get to their destination and despite having some angry callers who seem not satisfied no matter how hard one tries, he is always happy when he gets calls from motorists thanking him for getting home in good time..He describes it as rewarding even though traffic in Lagos is dynamic but the goal is to move people forward.

This 32 year old native of Omu Ijebu, Odogbolu in Ogun State is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Oyo State and he further served his nation for a year at the Delta State Council for Arts and Culture. Sinmi is not just a presenter but also an Actor. He did not set out to be a presenter on radio but one thing will always lead to another and It is always cool when we just be in the moment of any transition we might be going through...He explains that every effort is going into pushing through as an actor, tugging at various ropes and hopefully the breakthrough will come.
As a family member of Nollywood, Sinmi is concerned about some issues in the industry and if given the opportunity to make corrections; He says Nollywood should stop making casting decisions on looks alone; never judge an actor by how fair or dark, handsome or beautiful he or she is before considering them for a role. He adds that appearance has nothing to do with skill...He says this idea does not always make believable characters, even in Hollywood too...He has been doing a bit of writing, directing and producing..all of which has been requiring some level of improvement in order to meet standards.

Sinmi described his dad as a disciplinarian growing up...they were never allowed outside of the house and he misses his late sister who died of a heart disease at age 10. He adds that he misses the innocence of his childhood where he did not have a care in the world. This things certainly shaped his current personae as he aspires to be closer to God, be a great husband and father to his wife and children. He also wants to be an inspiration to many presenters and actors and generally improve upon himself as an artiste.
He looks up to the likes of Toyin Oshinaike, Nobert Young, Tunde Awosanmi and Gabriel Afoloyan as mentors in the movie industry...He watches movies a lot, read novels and loves music too!