Saturday, 12 March 2016


Everyday we tune in to a favorite Radio station to listen to good music jamz, news and mostly because our favorite presenter is on a show; For most people, the voice is a very catchy factor for getting attached to a radio station but these guys go through a lot just to make you feel happy and hopeful too for a better life...A young personality who has continued to strive in bringing that good feeling on Radio is Kelvin Ibrahim, also known as ''RadioKelv''. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to share his greatest moments about childhood, his passion on Radio and life in general...
Kelvin describes himself as cool, funny, weird and spontaneous...and he says you cannot make assumptions about him until you get to know him and when you get to meet Kelvin, you might mistake him for a Fulani, Igbo, Efik or Ijaw man but this 6 feet 2 inches slim built On Air Personality is actually from the Igala tribe in Kogi State even though he was born at St.Nicholas Hospital in Lagos. He describes his birth as a source of blessing to his parents as they both landed great jobs after. Kelvin's journey into Radio broadcasting is of mixed feelings because he was initially concerned and worried about who he wanted to be in future and what he would like to spend the rest of his life doing...Did he give up about that..?.No...With a selfless and passionate mind needed in his kind of career, he has been striving to be a top notch broadcaster.
This cool presenter of the coolest station in Nigeria started his journey back in campus while studying Chemistry with Polymer Science at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. He attempted an audition while on campus and got the opportunity to present shows, host interviews, edit the news and generally got the chance to be around like minded people. That experience changed everything for him as the business of broadcasting completely took over the mind of this chemistry student and so he could not wait to drop his certificate and extensively pursue a passion that has become a career today. He interned with Hot Fm, Abuja before graduating where he co-hosted shows and thereafter moved over to the Cool Station in Lagos where he started out as a voice over artiste and was later moved to the Cool Overnight Lounge.

Kelvin did not just put himself in this position to be where he is today, As a child, the traits of being an entertainer was extremely reflected while residing at CBN Estate, Satellite Town, Lagos; he was present at every birthday party, invited or not invited, he would win the dance competitions and take home prizes, he knew almost every family and had stories to say about them. Perhaps. that should have been a revelation that he was born for the media...He further shared some funny memories like locking up people in the elevators, deflating Car tyres, ringing door bells and running away..the excitement of growing up in Lagos was awesome for him.
Kelvin did not think twice when It was time to serve his fatherland for the 1 year NYSC Programme as he continued his journey with Cool Fm, Kano where he presents the Cool Overnight Lounge from 1am to 5am. He might be a graduate of Chemistry but he also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management and yes we can say listeners are like customers benefiting from the entertainment being provided by Cool Fm and RadioKelv is like a customer service agent who is always there for the sleepless because he loves the idea of being heard, entertaining people, being a friend to those who need one and sometimes a shoulder to lean on...

The job of an On Air Personality is quite tasking and Kelvin also has his challenges which includes thinking of ideas and planning his shows and that is why you will always see him with a pen and a note pad...and being an observant person, he also gets ideas from his environment. He further says the job demands being proactive, creative, very engaging and most importantly, one must be able to appeal to several kinds of people all at the same time.

Kelvin says his mentors are quite few because they inspire him in specific ways; He listened to Dan Foster while growing up and It must be a delight for anyone to meet and work with such a talent again. He also mentioned the Late Chaz B, who was a huge source of inspiration to him and also helping people out with all kinds of issues on the show and the third personality is Daddy Freeze as described by Kelvin, He likes his tenacity. Unwavering confidence behind the microphone, style and opinions.
How does Kelvin relax..?.he described it as a difficult question because he hardly maps out time for that but spending time on his phone does help, watching a movie, hanging out with people and driving which helps him clear his head. When I asked about what It takes to be a professional in his chosen career..He says ''On this job, you have to be charismatic, engaging, charming, eloquent, selfless and passionate. If you lack any of these and you have all the academic qualifications, you are as good as remaining in the classroom''. Aside sitting in front of the microphone, Kelvin is strongly involved in a mentorship programme for secondary school students, grooming them on presentation skills, confidence and lots more.

If given the chance of leadership, Kelvin says he will fight for the good course of Journalists in Nigeria because they risk their lives in sourcing for information and they go back home with little or nothing in their pockets..He adds that the industry is getting better but there is always room for improvement. However, he wants to be remembered for his contribution to the upliftment of broadcast journalism in Nigeria; From anchoring shows that enlighten people to creating awareness about certain societal issues and being a voice for the 'voiceless'.