Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Being a star is not just about your craft alone but also about how you convey the brand to the entire world. Kukere Master, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk is a recording and performing artiste in a class of his own. Since winning MTN Project Fame in 2008, he has continued to stay in the spotlight amidst some controversies here and there but today, he is still standing strong and ''tall'' in the business of music. These pictures are beyond music...It was created to fuse music and business together and the result is a definition of a smart and business mind. When next you see Mr. Iyanya..give him a direct warm handshake, for these images are far better than what some chief executives sell to us as branding.

Source - Ladun Liadi

Sunday, 22 May 2016


I do not know if am wrong to say that Nigeria is quite a capitalist nation because the rich is getting richer and the poor...hmmm. Ok! Yes, we are blessed and talented, and the world knows that...It is great when talents are recognized, supported and used as ambassadors to market goods and services all to make profit...From Telecom, banking, industries, government agencies to politics; Nigerian celebrities have flooded everywhere, every billboard, television and radio medium, not excluding the print media too...I will agree there are certain talents that cannot be hidden for too long as their gifts yearns for public showcase and so brands hunt them naturally...and I also believe there are those who need professional push by publicists and managers before they can live la vida loca...

As of now, most notable showbiz personalities are ''in bed'' with one brand or the other..Yes, It drives the business and like the vulnerable people we are, sales profit for the brands cannot be that difficult; they know the kind of life we want to live and we push out all our earnings to buy what...luxury...very cool I must say but when the economy is crying for survival, what happens to that lifestyle..It yearns for management especially when the salary is not forth coming in some parts of Nigeria, What am i driving at...?

Despite the state of the nation, more celebrities are becoming brand ambassadors, whether their works are worth our while or attention...I am sure an average Nigerian rarely purchases musicals in this day including my humble self except for the likes of Asa, Tubaba and Sinach but we all know how we go about those stuffs, anyway, I am simply conerned, even though It might be seen as a beef...You can say that again but what really happens after being endorsed? Are they to promote these brands to the Nigerian public...? The same public who barely has a three-square meal, the same public who does not have a job or who exactly...? You guessed right exactly...the middle class and the rich..even the middle class has grade these days.

I have a problem with endorsed people who do not give back to the society that celebrates them whether they make sense or not...cause a lot of ''non-sense'' fills up our airwaves these days...Help the government to make life better for the less privileged and please the less privileged sometimes can also have a hand but no work..not because he is lazy but he does not know anyone...I am sure we get that once in a while...I will stop here before I rant more than this...


In my lyrical mind...''Doro done..Doro move on..Doro anybody still dey hate''...Some weeks back, the social media was very hot and steamy as a lot of music and showbiz enthusiast were all over various networks having a cool day with the marital life of Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun, including my humble self..I actually had to download the 45 Minutes interview to see and feel the pulse of the entire palava...actually who really cares because everyone has a story similar to Madam Kele Kele Love and perhaps worse...Every Nigerian became either a counselor instantly or a judge presiding over a divorce...and yet they say no money for country...hmmm

Anyway, Tiwa Savage must have dusted her wardrobes, did a laundry and cleaned the house as she is packed and set for an International Tour...She is not mourning by the way and business must continue..You do realize there is a son that must be nurtured right! The Mavin first lady has resumed work in full swing as a video is being shot whilst also preparing to tour the United states in July.

I do love some of her videos and songs as she is quite talented...and so, I will swing in that direction and pretend like I did not watch that ''Save my career and not marriage'' interview.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


Nigerian Singer and Performer, Chinedu Okoli, better known as Flavour recently asked his followers to caption this image and It was an interesting turn out of headlines that seem to drive home some enquiries...Is this another Anna Banner Story...?  So many followers screamed out ''baby mama number 3" and I decided to join in the train by creating my own headline.

Flavour is a successful musical act who has been able to carve a niche for himself by serenading a lot of people with his marvelous dance moves during his performances. He is well known across the African continent touring with his feel good Igbo High Life music and this is Flavour with a beauty Queen from Ghana. I am sure Ex beauty Queens, Sandra Okagbue and Anna Banner are simply smiling with a carriage.


She is Mercy Johnson Okojie, a Nollywood Actress, wife and mother of three...for now. We do not know If that is full stop but she seems to have the grace and strength to go on from what we see here...Ohhh..And that is Prince Odianosen Okojie, her loving husband. They have been married for 5 years. Marriage is not a child's play but these two have been keeping it real but I am certain that such a marriage cannot be smooth without a little drama here and there especially from external forces but It is now up to them to fight back against any force that might want to divide their ''United Nation'' . Are there colleagues that are still beefing from day 1 of marriage...? Of course there are..but some might just keep mute about it...and these images will only spur more beef inside their cooking pot.

There is a lot of drama going on in the show business and Nigeria is certainly not left behind since the beginning of the year and the only way to keep us engaged is with steps like these and not the various fights and separations going on every now and then...Please keep us updated Mercy and her Prince, we always love the moments you share together with Purity, Henry and Angel..Whoever feels otherwise should simply boil a spoon of water for 5 hours...Mercy Johnson Okojie was the most searched Nollywood Celebrity in 2012 and 2013 and she is a natural when it comes to acting...If you are in doubt, take a look at ''Baby Oku in America'' ...


Music is a universal language irrespective of the culture, country or individual personalities; the beats created by a fusion sounds can create a rhythmic dance mood in our minds that take our sorrows away...Afrobeat is one of such genres of music that has continually remain a force to reckon with, even in today's contemporary sounds and various musicians have been branching towards that angle...Em Prince is one of such talents that is truly home with the feel of Afrobeat, perhaps we can call him an ambassador of Afrobeat. Music is everything to Em Prince as he describes music as his life and his life as music. There are some who do not understand what they get from music but for Em Prince, It is a whole lot of joy and happiness dishing out what people want and desire to make them feel good.

Em Prince, born as Oluwaseun Emitomo is a Nigerian born British citizen residing in London but an indigene of Oke Inisa, Ondo town in Ondo State. He is a first class graduate in Business and Marketing at Coventry University, United Kingdom and he actually started music at the age of 11 but growing up was tough for little Seun as he lost his mum at an early age but with determination and grace, he has turned out to be a tool in the hands of music reaching out to people including a great excitement performing on stage in New York City.

Em Prince has gone ahead to feature one of Nigeria's Afrobeat sensation, Oritsefemi in his new hot single, ''Fill Up'' and the objective is to bridge the gap between the Afrobeat Acts both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria as there is a lack of unity; According to Em Prince, this project is to renew and smoothen the relationship lacking for many years. In addition, Oritsefemi has a unique personality adored by UK based music acts and this has been welcomed by majority.

He sincerely appreciates the growth of Afrobeat in Nigeria and gives credit to the legacy of Late Icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, saying Fela's objective has been achieved as Afrobeat has taken over the world but the United Kingdom still needs more presence and Em Prince has stood up to be part of that awareness as he looks forward to collaborations with more Nigerian based Music acts and as regards marketing, he wants Artistes in Nigeria to focus more on the United Kingdom just like the United States. For Em Prince, It's all about creating unity between music acts in the UK. and Nigeria.

Em Prince has grown to differentiate his personal life from his music; he has learnt to manage both work and personal life, and that is why he can also create time for recreational activities like watching movies or even exercise routine such as swimming and running. He adores a lot of music sensations in Nigeria, especially Tubaba and Psquare. Above all, Em Prince says he looks up to God for direction.Here's a link to his hit single.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Everyone loves Shoes that make them comfy and look trendy enough to get a second or third look from a stranger and being stylish is complimented always with a good shoe. This is the reason why the Creative Designer of Etti Designs has shaped this 2016 spring shoe collections for every individual who values being stylish and nothing says ''classic'' more than having a pair of this collection in your rack. You do know It's all about putting the right foot and shoe forward, and that you can never go wrong with Etti's 2016 spring collection.

This collection is carefully made with materials ranging from suede, leather and animal skin featuring innovative, colorful and unique designs which include brogues, plimsolls, canvass, sandals and lots more.

You can visit www.ettidesigns.com or call 0818 850 2323 to have a rewarding appointment.


Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun who is the Creative Director of Ayo Van Elmar was inspired to create the set ''table de billiard'' around her muse, Nigerian Actress and Producer, Omoni Oboli and her latest movie, Wives on Strike, which has hit mightily, with a tremendous and continuous success of sixty million Naira in less than a month. This is the editorial shoot of Ayo Van Elmar's spring summer 2016 fishbone collection.


One of the greatest joy about being talented is sharing your wealth of gift to others around you and It cuts across all spheres of life including the creative world of making people look good or simply call it Make up and Make overs which is related to special effects that can be used in production of films. One man that has taken that step to teach others this creative craft is Olaminrewajusi Oyeleke popularly known as Leke Shades.

This is not just for beginners but also for established artiste who want to sharpen their skills with the award winning special effects guru. He will be bringing his wealth of knowledge in all aspects of make up artistry from Beauty and Bridal to Avant Garde and also to Special Effects. This is a 3-Day training holding in Calabar and Uyo and It does not come free.

Beauty and Bridal will cost Ten Thousand Naira, Avant Garde will cost Ten Thousand Naira and Special Effects will cost Fifteen Thousand Naira exclusively for Three separate days. Leke Shades will be at Calabar from 1st - 3rd June, 2016 and at Uyo from 8th - 10th June, 2016. For more enquiries, you can call 0705 826 4562 or send an email to olan3966@gmail.com or simply @lekeshades on the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

This is an opportunity to get upgraded If you want to stay relevant or expand your business network as an entrepreneur.