Saturday, 21 May 2016


Music is a universal language irrespective of the culture, country or individual personalities; the beats created by a fusion sounds can create a rhythmic dance mood in our minds that take our sorrows away...Afrobeat is one of such genres of music that has continually remain a force to reckon with, even in today's contemporary sounds and various musicians have been branching towards that angle...Em Prince is one of such talents that is truly home with the feel of Afrobeat, perhaps we can call him an ambassador of Afrobeat. Music is everything to Em Prince as he describes music as his life and his life as music. There are some who do not understand what they get from music but for Em Prince, It is a whole lot of joy and happiness dishing out what people want and desire to make them feel good.

Em Prince, born as Oluwaseun Emitomo is a Nigerian born British citizen residing in London but an indigene of Oke Inisa, Ondo town in Ondo State. He is a first class graduate in Business and Marketing at Coventry University, United Kingdom and he actually started music at the age of 11 but growing up was tough for little Seun as he lost his mum at an early age but with determination and grace, he has turned out to be a tool in the hands of music reaching out to people including a great excitement performing on stage in New York City.

Em Prince has gone ahead to feature one of Nigeria's Afrobeat sensation, Oritsefemi in his new hot single, ''Fill Up'' and the objective is to bridge the gap between the Afrobeat Acts both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria as there is a lack of unity; According to Em Prince, this project is to renew and smoothen the relationship lacking for many years. In addition, Oritsefemi has a unique personality adored by UK based music acts and this has been welcomed by majority.

He sincerely appreciates the growth of Afrobeat in Nigeria and gives credit to the legacy of Late Icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, saying Fela's objective has been achieved as Afrobeat has taken over the world but the United Kingdom still needs more presence and Em Prince has stood up to be part of that awareness as he looks forward to collaborations with more Nigerian based Music acts and as regards marketing, he wants Artistes in Nigeria to focus more on the United Kingdom just like the United States. For Em Prince, It's all about creating unity between music acts in the UK. and Nigeria.

Em Prince has grown to differentiate his personal life from his music; he has learnt to manage both work and personal life, and that is why he can also create time for recreational activities like watching movies or even exercise routine such as swimming and running. He adores a lot of music sensations in Nigeria, especially Tubaba and Psquare. Above all, Em Prince says he looks up to God for direction.Here's a link to his hit single.